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It had occurred to me that all the bags I’d been writing up so far have all come from shops local to me. I’m blessed to live in Tacoma, a city in a state where weed is legal. There are 21+ recreational pot shops all over. In fact just three streets from where I’m staying, there are three weed stores, all competing for your dollar.

And I’ll be the first to admit I’m a stoner of habits.

There are probably five shops that I truly prefer to frequent personally, all for varying reasons Of course. One has better prices, another better bags, another better customer service.

Et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum.

Problem with habits is you can get caught in a rut.

Problem with ruts is you begin to wonder if the grass might not be greener elsewhere.

So I decided to head north to Renton to see if the grass truly is greener. I popped into a beautiful shop to pick up a simple twenty-sack. Problem is Evergreen Markets’s decor is so damned gorgeous, I was concerned I hadn’t brought enough cash with me. But lucky me, I spied a menu. For just a couple dollars more I could walk out the door with a two-gram bag. The pick was simple. Available on special was XJ-13 by Leaph. That left me with a few minutes to take in the place.

And I swear this place is swanky.

One of my favorite things is the mural of a cannabinoid molecule on the polished floor.

I immediately regretted not bringing a camera (note to self).

The overall decor is warm and inviting, roomy and classy. By golly, the budtender even wore a headset to call to the back when it was discovered that mine was the last bag in the drawer. Typically I enjoy perusing a few bags, make some comparisons, and get a feel in a vis-a-vis zen-vibe sort of way. It’s part of the buying experience and something I missed out on, but that’s what happens when you buy the last bag in the drawer. But it could be a good sign. I know from experience that many strains sell out based on consumer word-of-mouth.

Let’s get right to it.

XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant hybrid bringing together Jack Herer with G13, but never mind the fancy genetics—there’s fancy artwork on the bag and it is really cool. It’s a picture of a frog by an artist named Mark Henson. Not sure if there’s any relation to Mr. Jim Henson and his famous frog, Kermit. But the artwork is so dope that when I discovered the very same artwork on a sticker inside the bag, I stickered it into the back of my notebook.

Buds are of average size. The aroma is musty mango sweetened spice. Leaf is lighter green and frosty. Lots of orange and red pistils. Trichomes are spindly and broken. Clear in color with only some opacity. Breaking open the buds reveal a heavier spice note, pushing the scent closer to fuel or diesel, almost earthy on my palette. However, there’s a musty mango aroma that is very prevalent. Grinding her up only emboldens the aromatics. The buds feel hydrated well enough, but she smokes dry. Smooth and sweet on the inhale with notes of mango and sweet musk. Exhaling is primarily a flat spice and pine. Most of the flavor is gone after just a few hits. The ash is dark gray. She smokes rougher on the finish but she has a nice head swim. Very floaty and there’s a noticeable addition to the sense of touch.

Very pleasant.

There’s a very happy-go-lucky feel to the emotional aspect, you smile without a care as the effects glide quietly along. But when they’re gone, they are gone. However, you are left clear headed, staring at a beautiful painting of a frog stickered to the back of your notebook.

Hello, frog.

XJ-13 by Leaph - HD20170104

Artwork by Mark Hensen

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