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Worst Ways to Lace Marijuana

Whether for preference or profit, the worst ways to lace marijuana can be dangerous.

In an ideal world, drug dealers wouldn't lace marijuana at all. It's an herb that is supposed to be natural and enjoyed pure, after all. Lacing it can make a regular toke turn into a deadly or permanently damaging experience. 

Though it's rare, there are people out there who prefer their weed laced - or just choose to lace marijuana with other drugs as a way to boost profits and gain addicted customers who will always come back for another hit. Whether it's out of preference or simply profit, lacing does happen. 

That being said, not all lacing is the same. The following ways are way deadlier than just cutting bud with oregano or adding flour to the leaves to make them look more potent.


To actually smoke a crack-laced bunch of bud, you will need to use a pipe rather than a joint, for obvious reasons.

The problem with "woolies," as they're called is the fact that they have a high that is very, very similar to crack. Though the high may feel like a euphoric rush, the comedown is absolutely terrible. Many people will avoid coke-based weed simply because it has such a bad comedown. 

That being said, a lot of people will keep smoking it for the same reason that they will smoke crack - to avoid the comedown and still feel the rush. It's not a good look. 


The best way to avoid getting addicted to opioids like heroin and suboxies is to avoid opiods in any way, shape, or form. Opioids kill, and it's often because of their addictive traits that people end up hooked on them. 

Though most people would say that the high is very sedative and euphoric in feel, this isn't something you should want to experiment with - especially considering the heroin epidemic going around. 


Though crushed up Xanax is a rare thing to see as a weed lace, it still does happen from time to time. If you can't guess, this is a very bad idea because of the fact that a lot of people tend to drink while they smoke pot. Some also may do harder drugs like heroin. 

Mixing Xanax with alcohol or heroin can lead to a very quick overdose death. Even if you don't drink or use hard drugs while you smoke, it's still not that good an idea. You don't know how Xanax's chemistry will change once it's exposed to heat. 


DMT is a very, very strong hallucinogen that's derived from ayahuasca. If you buy a DMT-laced joint, you'll know because it will smell like the foulest pile of rotten garbage-cheese hybrid you've ever inhaled. 

DMT is one of those drugs you should not do without having a babysitter. The fact is that the hallucinations you have on this drug can be terrifying, realistic, and also can make you do things that could really ruin your life. 

As a result, mixing it in anything probably isn't a good idea unless you have a babysitter who can restrain you. Moreover, it's just a bad thing to smoke because you'll probably need to throw away anything you wore while smoking it. This drug really, truly reeks.


No, this is not a drug. This is the metal we're talking about. In some really, really messed up cases in Europe, dealers who were looking to get a better weight price on their cannabis had sprinkled lead dust into their marijuana.

Inhaling lead is a near surefire way to get poisoned. Lead poisoning can happen in your lungs, can cause cancer, and treatment for lead poisoning can take several years. This is potentially lethal. Don't do it. 


This drug is considered to be the granddaddy of all bad life decisions, with one single smoke session being bad enough to cause permanent brain damage, nerve damage, and life-altering actions that have included things like murder, cannibalism, and crawling around naked in the middle of the street. 

Lacing a joint with PCP might not kill you, but there's a very good chance that you will not be the same afterwards. That's not a risk you want to take. 

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Worst Ways to Lace Marijuana
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