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Willie Nelson Wants You To Share His Legendary Stash

From award-winning musician, to actor, author, and advocate, the legendary Willie Nelson shares his love of cannabis and related culture to the public.

How do legends begin? For Willie Nelson, the Red Headed Stranger, perhaps it began in Stardust… or within the iconic country culture of Texas. After writing his first song at the age of seven, and joining his first band at age ten, Nelson’s life has always been guided towards purpose, culture, music, advocacy, and change.

Today Willie Nelson’s lifelong career finds him in a place that not even prohibition could detain him from; and that is in cannabis advocacy. Willie’s Reserve pays tribute to Willie Nelson’s storied career as a traveling troubadour. For decades as Willie traveled from town to town, fellow cannabis enthusiasts attended his shows with their pockets filled with offerings from their homes, gardens, and communities. No matter where Willie and the band played, they were exposed to the best each town could offer; always with appreciation.

According to the brand, Willie’s Reserve captures the spirit of these fan offerings, representing an exemplary collection of the very best and honors the importance of both the producer and the appreciator. Willie and his Reserve are both heavily rooted in the legendary stash. With the addition of the goodwill of the countless fans who have played a crucial role in creating the legend, and the bountiful product of natural, home-grown authentic farms, Willie’s Reserve exquisitely conveys not only Willie’s legacy, but America’s.

“I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here.” - Willie Nelson

From farm to store, Willie’s Reserve is made possible from quality farms like Forbidden Farms, Bloom County, and Bonsai Cultivation. Each farm within the Willie’s Reserve brand has a meticulous attention to the art and craft of the cannabis flower. With Willie’s storied history, a man who has both thrilled and consoled millions with his music, it is only fitting that he is an activist who has not only supported, but continues to support family farmers across the United States. Cannabis culture, community, and advocacy is the next big thing; and Willie Nelson is at the forefront of its progress. Perhaps with Willie and his legendary stash, we have found a thought-leader and inspiration to end cannabis prohibition.

As cannabis legalization continues in a multitude of states, most recently at the national level with the 2016 election, the marijuana industry is quickly becoming the fastest growing industry in America. With few legendary icons to look up to during this movement, Willie Nelson has created yet another unique stage for his red, braided hair to not only sing the culture’s praises, but share it. By spending at least 150 days of his year out on the road – roughly two weeks working, two weeks off – he knows the country, community, and culture need better than most.

Willie Nelson is an influential part of a burgeoning cannabis culture finally free to emerge. While his brand finds its way into dispensaries around the nation, his legacy is blossoming in the digital space. With an entire digital landscape available for sowing, cannabis culture and advocacy find an invigorating life in the tools of modern day culture. As legalization spreads, education is paramount. 

With the new Willie’s Reserve sponsored series, Marijuana Minute, cannabis education finds its stage at the forefront of its nascence. Sometimes funny, always informative, Marijuana Minute is the premiere source for all things cannabis. Uncovering everything you need to know about America’s fastest growing industry, each Marijuana Minute episode presents a specific and essential topic in the growing cannabis sphere – from strain variations to the benefits of medicinal use to common misconceptions.

Through education, advocacy, and authenticity, Willie Nelson and his community of growers and appreciators are continuing, promoting, and encouraging the nation-wide conversation on cannabis. Choosing Willie’s Reserve is choosing to be part of something legendary.

Decades of prohibition have kept the conversation from progress. Now, we – and Willie – have the ability to start a conversation on cannabis, craft, and knowledge. Will you be part of the legend?

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Willie Nelson Wants You To Share His Legendary Stash
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