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Why People Get Red Eyes from Smoking Weed?

I know it's on every pothead's mind, yet they always fail to raise the question (probably because they forgot it in the first place), but red eyes from smoking weed is actually interesting high-insight.

There are plenty of reasons for those pesky red eyes from smoking weed, but is there a way to curtail it? Unlike the 5 top drinks for cotton mouth, there aren't that many ways to cease you from having red eyes, but there are methods around it (or, from limiting its possibilities). While everyone waits with baited breaths until the action of legalization is finally passed, there's a variety of newer, deeper understandings now being unlocked within the cannabis industry, one such being how to diminish consistent red eyes. 

They're annoying only for the fact that they basically scream "yeah I smoke pot, so." No one wants to look high, at least as far as I know, but they do want to be high and likewise not reek. These are the stoner's kryptonite. Red eyes are a sad consequence of cannabis consumption, but it's not all that bad. Once you learn why these pesky red eyes are always there to greet you after a smoke, and how best you can avoid them in the waning future, you'll begin to appreciate them more and more (that's if you're not allergic to marijuana, of course). 


Much less sounding like reasons for red eyes from smoking weed, resistance is and most common among them. This tends to occur in people who don't smoke regularly or simply have a bad reaction to the marijuana itself (which we'll cover next). 

After a long period of time smoking, many potheads or regular cannabis consumers can grow tolerant from these irritants, such as red eyes and even cotton mouth. It could also be a combination of resistance and a...

Weed Hangover

Either by way of resisting the user, as in novice users, or from the onset of a weed hangover in of itself, red eyes from smoking weed can be the cause of a weed hangover. This isn't anything bad, per say, it just means you either haven't smoked as much in your past, or are prone to experiencing marijuana in more ways than others. 

To ensure you don't have once, here are some signs you have a weed hangover. Spot any of these and you've already cracked the case of why you have red eyes, now you just need some ways at combatting it. Smoke weed, but at your own caution (and level). 

Smoking Allergies

Have you ever looked into your own genetics? Frightening as it may sound, you may actually be experiencing allergies brought on by your own DNA. Some people have developed weed allergies, others simply were born with it in their DNA. No matter how you examine it, red eyes from smoking weed may actually be cause for some concern. 

Chances aren't as high as others on this list surrounding red eye contributors, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. If you're worried about extreme red or dry eyes, I'd speak to your doctor immediately to see what can be done other than altogether quitting if you're found to be allergic to cannabis. 

Glaucoma Treatments

Most common among glaucoma patients (who utilize medical marijuana the most) red eyes from smoking weed can be viewed as a negative side-effect from this highly dangerous bodily issue. These cases of red eyes tend to be drawn up as a direct cause from intraocular pressure, for which patients with glaucoma are more than not prone to be diagnosed with. 

This is usually caused by swelling of the ocular capillaries. It's not call for concern, but it does require the need for marijuana consumption if you do have glaucoma. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAP) explains how marijuana treats glaucoma, and they also describe other areas of red eyes in such cases. 


You'd be surprised to find that red eyes from smoking weed can be correlated to how much water you've ingested. If you're not hydrating as much as possible when consuming marijuana, chances are you're gonna have some pretty red eyes. 

People tend to forget how important hydration is when smoking. You can't be getting high all the time without at least consuming a bottle of water, despite the fact that a gallon a day is most necessary for a healthy lifestyle. There's also this other little known factor people tend to always forget...

Weed & Alcohol

No on really likes the spins, but when drinking alcohol while smoking weed, you're sure to be subject to some red eyes. Similar to hydrating yourself, in order to combat these symptoms simply drink more water than you normally would, or just stop drinking altogether. 

Most tend to think that when drinking and smoking, irritants, and other symptoms aren't as common. This ideal is sadly mistaken, as both marijuana and alcohol directly contribute to red eyes from smoking weed (while also getting hammered). 


Oh, if you thought it came down to nothing but weed, you're in for a groundbreaking discovery. Red eyes from smoking weed can also be determinant of the type of strain you're smoking. 

There are a variety of different components inside each and every cannabis strain. Either by way of interaction with the metabolic system, or with each other, both organic and chemical features of a cannabis strain can be cause for your red eyes. The stronger the strain, the more likely you are to receive red eyes. How do you combat these irritating irritants? Easy...

Smoking Lower THC Strains

It's not the best possible route you can take in diminishing red eyes from smoking weed, but being particular about your strain consumption is one method of reducing them. This is best utilized when you smoke strains with higher CBD, CBN, and others like them, for they aren't directly correlated with THC so much as others are and tend to be less potent in general. 

Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to accurately find the right strains, as legalization hasn't passed and illicitly buying marijuana isn't like going grocery shopping. But, if you want to cut down on your red eyes, being weary of the strain is absolutely necessary. 

Eye Drops

Literally called by Urban Dictionary "God's true gift to stoner's," Rohoos are some of the most powerful tools you can use in diminishing red eyes. There's obviously vast quantities of other types and other brands (ie Clear Eyes), but I've always gone with the blue Rohtos and have never found an issue with them. 

The best way to diminish red eyes from smoking weed is by utilizing eye drops like those presented above. These not only limit the redness, but also have some healing factors (and can make your eyes clearer). I also suggest popping some in after you wake in order to feel alive and clear for the day. 

Other Ways to Combat Them

While drinking more water and utilizing eye drops are two of the most effective ways in reducing red eyes, there's also a plentitude of other options for you to choose from. Most people will think I'm crazy after listing off some these, but they aren't that bad in limiting red eyes from smoking weed. 

You can use vasocontrictors to fight back against red eyes, like coffee, chocolate, or even soda. There's also the old splash your face with water trick that tended to work better in waking people up rather than really reducing red eyes. Some people even lay ice-packs on their faces, or rest cotton balls on their eyes for 15 minutes. It really comes down to preference and overall likability in the user. Hell, some people use tea bags! 

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