Why Girls Who Smoke Weed Make Perfect Girlfriends

Girls who smoke weed are amazing girlfriends, and if you're lucky enough to have your own stoner girl, you already know why...

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Back when I actually actively dated "the traditional way" for a potential spouse, I used to hear that my marijuana love was not a good thing. In fact, some called it a total dealbreaker — even when the guy himself was a smoker!

Frankly, I don't get people these days. Or, rather, I don't understand many of the idiotic standards people have which go against their self-interest and keep them from finding healthy, happy, supportive relationships.

If you're a lady who has ever been turned down by someone because of your cannabis smoking habit, this article is all for you. Here's why girls who smoke weed make the best girlfriends — straight from the raver's mouth. 

Girls who smoke weed will not get angry about cannabis smell when you smoke, too.

One thing that really grinds most non-potheads' gears is the smell of pot smoke lingering throughout their home. I can understand this, since marijuana isn't exactly the nicest smell when it's really dank. Additionally, some sober folks also might get jumpy about pot smoke smell getting cops near their home — which is actually totally understandable.

Girls who smoke weed, though will never complain about the smell of weed in your home. If anything, they might ask you to share. They also will know how to cover up pot smoke smell and help you keep things low-key after you both smoke a bowl. 

Girls who smoke pot are generally more open to new experiences, too.

When you smoke pot, it's actually showing a side of your character that is worth discussing. Smoking pot means you're open to trying new things, are willing to cut loose once in a while, and also are into slightly risky (due to cops) fun. 

I don't know if it's just me, but a lot of sober girls seem to be really scared and almost timid about stepping "out of line." Girls who smoke weed tend to be different in the sense that they aren't afraid to step out of the box of "proper and acceptable" behavior. They also are generally more experimentative, too. 

If you're worried about being with a girl who's overly straight-laced or boring, dating a pot smoker is a good way to make sure that she's at least down to try out something new once in a while. 

She probably has great taste in books.

Many girls who smoke weed tend to have massive libraries filled with trippy books and videos — because, really, who doesn't like reading or watching quality material while high?

If you are a fan of trippy surrealism or really awesome videos, then dating a stoner girl is a great way to make sure you'll never run out of awesome things to read and watch together. 

She'll never make you feel guilty about late night Taco Bell runs or mornings which involve funky food for breakfast.

I'm not sure if it's me or just stoner culture in general, but after smoking pot, I have a newfound admiration for Taco Bell. Even when I'm on a diet, I can't help myself when I see Nachos Bellgrande nearby when I'm high. 

If you've had exes who judged you based on your diet before, then you need to start dating girls who smoke pot. They won't judge, and even when they are health nuts, they tend to be way more mellow about food than the typical chick. 

Speaking of which, girls who smoke weed also know how to bake.

Cooking with cannabis is a huge part of being a stoner — especially if you have a sweet tooth or want to get the full power of THC in every gram. If your girl is serious about her love for getting high, then she knows how to follow a recipe.

Burnie Brownies. Homemade Cannabutter. Bacon Infused With Cannabis. Ganja Popcorn. The list goes on and on, and most stoner girls will gladly learn these recipes so that they can get their party on.

If girls who smoke weed can follow a recipe for cannabutter, then they definitely will have no issue following a recipe for cake, French toast, or your mother's favorite pasta sauce.

Considering how rare it is to see girls who can cook -- it's easy to see why this is such a major perk. 

They also tend to be better mixologists, too.

Girls who smoke weed tend to have other "vices" too, such as drinking. If you're lucky enough to find a girl who can act as both a budtender and a bartender, you might end up with a great party night involving cannabis-infused vodka. 

Seriously, no one knows how to have fun like a stoner girl. 

Lastly, she knows how to keep things mellow — and will always find a reason to laugh.

Girls who smoke weed have a naturally relaxed demeanor and have no problem helping others chill out, too. They love to laugh, especially when cannabis gives them the giggles. They know how to have fun, share their stash, and make you feel great.

In a crazy, insane world that constantly seems on edge, having a stoner girlfriend will be a breath of fresh air — and an oasis away from all the insane stress that comes with life. When push comes to shove, stoner girlfriends will be the chill pill you need to cope. And, at the end of the day, isn't that what love is all about? 

Skunk Uzeki
Skunk Uzeki

Skunk Uzeki is an androgynous pothead and a hard partier.  When they aren't drinking and causing trouble, they're writing articles about the fun times they have. 

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