What Is Synthetic Weed Made Of?

You may have smoked it, but you probably don't even know what is synthetic weed made of. Should you be scared? Absolutely.

I've been a very strong opponent of synthetic weed. It's the only drug that I honestly think has no benefits and does nothing but hurt its users. What is terrifying about synthetic weed, aside from the fact that it's been linked to an increase in hospitalizations, is that the people who use it rarely have an idea of what's actually in it. 

If you were thinking of grabbing a bag of spice or K-2, then you need to stop and ask yourself if you know what you're doing. Do you even know what is synthetic weed made of? Well, this guide will tell you — and will make you realize what a disaster it is for your body. 

What is synthetic weed made of? Synthetic cannabinoids...

You may be aware that cannabis contains naturally occurring cannabinoids in its strains. Cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors in our brains, which give us the "high" we enjoy when we smoke or eat weed.

Synthetic cannabinoids are several times stronger than regular natural cannabinoids. Some can even be 100 times stronger than natural cannabinoids. With that extra strength comes harsher side effects — and much more permanent damage.

The problem with synthetic cannabinoids isn't just their strength, either; they're really new. No one really has tested them long enough to know the full extent of what they do. So far, what we do know is that they reduce our ability to enjoy regular cannabis, and that many have been linked to seizures and blood pressure issues.

Moreover, there are hundreds of different synthetic cannabinoids out there. You may not even know what is synthetic weed made of, simply because you'll never know which cannabinoid you're smoking. It could be cannabinoid JWH-018, or HU-210. 

What is synthetic weed made of? Spice leaves, too.

If you want to smoke spice or K2, you better not have any plant allergies. The kind of plants they spray the weed with aren't always labeled. 

In fact, no one really has a standard "leaf" used to make K2 or any other form of synthetic weed. It could be anything that's considered to be "non toxic for ingestion." Think about that for a second, and you might understand why this is such a big problem. 

With no real work done to maintain a certain standard, it's impossible to tell what leaves you're smoking in synthetic weed. This means that the makers themselves might not even know what is synthetic weed made of. 

It could be that you're smoking specific leaves from a specific type of tree, such as oak or elm. It could be random leaves that were thrown in a garbage bag after being picked off the ground somewhere. It could literally be anything — and they won't say what it is on the package, because why would they? 

If you grab a canister of spice off a store shelf, you'll notice that most of them will not say anything about the kind of "herbs" they're using. Rather, they'll all just have "herbal blend" on the ingredients list, because these companies are shady as hell. 

You already know that you may have a problem with certain synthetic cannabinoids reacting badly with you, especially if it's a strong kind of chemical. However, most don't realize that allergies can also be an issue if you are allergic to specific plants. 

This is why you shouldn't smoke spice if you have allergies. Theoretically, you could be okay with the sprayed leaves, but then have an allergic reaction because the leaves contained an allergen that triggers problems with you. 

What is synthetic weed made of? Bad production values, too.

Lastly, I don't want to have to also bring this up, but it's true. Most synthetic weed companies don't take too much care in how they make the "fweed" they create. The chemicals that make fake marijuana are sprayed on leaves, then packed up. 

There's a good chance of synthetic marijuana accidentally being oversprayed during this process. With oversprayed zones, it's very possible that you could overdose. After all, most synthetic cannabinoids are dangerous in large quantities. 

Moreover, there's no safety check or traceability in synthetic weed batches. If you're hoping for a recall, you'll be waiting for a very long time. You'll never know if you bought an over-sprayed batch until you've already smoked it. Such are the dangers of synthetic marijuana

What is synthetic weed made of? A lot of bad stuff you shouldn't touch. End of story. Natural weed is healthier, so let's just legalize it already

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