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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Weed?

Now that you've eaten weed... What happens next? These are the things that occur when you eat weed.

Straight up smoking weed can literally give you the best feeling in the world. It's as though your surroundings don't make sense, you can't open your eyes because of your sudden sleepiness, and you immediately get the munchies like no tomorrow. Sometimes, just a few hits does the trick. But instead of smoking it, have you ever considered eating weed?

Believe it or not, smoking and eating weed give off two completely diverse affects. While some people prefer smoking a blunt, there are actually people who would rather eat edibles. But I'm not talking about baked goods that consists of weed... I'm talking about eating straight weed. If you've tried it before, you know exactly what goes down and how different and more intense the feels are compared to edibles. But, for some reason, you're considering eating weed like it's a piece of romaine lettuce, this is what goes down when you a lot of eat weed.

You start to lose concentration.

Just smoking weed or eating an edible can possibly make you lose concentration. But imagine eating raw, straight fuckin' weed? Some of you don't understand how strong and intense the affects are. It can completely take away your full focus, leaving you as though you're drifting off into space... and not the good kind!

You'll start to lose focus, and it'll feel like you're trapped in your head. Your thoughts are the only things you're hearing, and everything else beyond that is totally gibberish to you. 

You're suddenly extremely tired.

Anything related to weed will get you tired, but honestly, if you're going to eat weed raw, you're probably going to knock out in an instant. Like I've mentioned before, weed by itself is so intense that the affects of it is like times eight! Your eyes are going to be shutting in no time.

But it's the type of tired where you cannot keep your eyes even the slightest bit open. You're struggling as though you haven't slept in years. The fatigue is real when you eat straight weed, and you'll probably pass out without realizing it.

Your blood pressure changes.

Marijuana in general can raise or lower your blood pressure. For short-term effects, cannabis can increase blood pressure tremendously. However, for long-term effects, it decreases blood pressure and eventually leaving you relaxed. But when you eat weed, that shit goes up.

Your blood pressure can sky rocket and it's not the best thing to do. If you're already dealing with high blood pressure, I highly suggest not doing this. Well, I suggest not eating weed as a whole. Since your heart rate will rise too, so will your blood pressure when eating raw cannabis.

You start to hallucinate.

When you eat weed, you hallucinate like crazy. Smoking weed or eating an edible makes you trip out, but eating weed on its own is a completely different story. You'll see the trees doing the salsa, an infant speaking perfect Mandarin, and you'll always see something in the corner of your eyes, making you trip the hell out.

Many people know the crazy affects weed can have, that's why they don't abuse it at all. Smoking and baking it into food are ways to calm down the drug. But putting the whole thing in your mouth, you won't know what you'll see. And it's very, very overwhelming. 

Dizziness starts to occur.

This one is no brainer. Too much of anything can get you dizzy, like hotboxing. And as for eating raw cannabis, the spins will start to happen! Your body wouldn't be able to handle the strong affect from straight weed and leaving you into a dizzy mess. 

So, imagine hallucinating, becoming extremely tired, and dizzy all at the same time? It's like your mind is going through the worst rollercoaster ever. Even if you lay down to stop your head from spinning... it just keeps on going! You can't stop it, that's the worst part. Don't eat weed if you hate being dizzy, which is the majority of us. 

You start to hyperventilate.

Many new smokers actually panic and hyperventilate during their first few times smoking. Since they're not used to it, their bodies react a different way than long-term smokers. They panic, start to hear things, and their heart is literally racing. Even if you're a long-term smoker, when you eat weed, all of this can still happen to you.

You begin to deal with so much anxiety that you're unable to catch your breath. Your heart raise rises immensely and you're overall shaken by the sudden ingestion of cannabis. Your body wouldn't be able to handle it.

You can possibly vomit.

Finally, probably the last thing that can occur when you eat weed is... just vomiting. You're puking everywhere, because your stomach couldn't take in raw weed from how intense it is. If your stomach can handle edibles, don't assume that it can take on straight weed. Like I've mentioned before, they're two completely different things.

Rather than accepting it, your stomach will reject it and make you puke it back up. This can also happen by how dizzy you are, too. You can end up getting pretty nauseous and start vomiting. Just stick to smoking weed, man. 

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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Weed?
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