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What About You?

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things. . .

my set up

Im writing this from my roof.

No worries, I'm safe, I'm on my ledge and I have my bowl, so ill be extra careful as I type this out.

Currently I'm at my house, doing my favorite thing in my favorite spot, and y'know, I feel very fortunate to be able to do so, seeing as I don't own this house, but at least I'm outside, thats respectful, right? 

I wasn't intending on writing this actually, just about thirty minutes ago I saw the ad for this site on Facebook and thought "well why not?" and decided to give it a try, now, I don't know if that was a mistake or not but we'll find out soon. I sure would hope not, I enjoy writing and maybe some of you will enjoy reading. . . maybe.

But I wanted to start it off simple, just thinking about small stuff, like I told you earlier, I was doing my favorite thing, in my favorite spot. I'll give you a bit more insight, although you already know the surface. 

SO lets talk about the elephant on the screen. . . my favorite activity is smoking (being a pot head) as my father would say, and my favorite place? my roof. Which is a bit odd considering I have a large fear of heights. . . just don't look down. This place is perfect, its quiet, cool, full of nature. Im lucky enough to live in a house that was built on a wooded lot, so we have the privacy from humans and the welcomed aspect of nature and all it has to offer. From big tall trees to the annoying chipmunks that dig everything up. My view isn't the front yard, its the back, and right now its starting to endure one of the worst things in the world. . . an inconsistent Wisconsin winter! FUCK. Winter is the worst, and ill have to trade my spot for a standing area in the garage, which isn't quite as fun. I do have to say that I prefer the smell of garage to the smell of cow poo, but id trade it for another minute on the roof. I used to have a few favorite spots, I've had them all over the place, I used to have one at college too, well I liked a few places when I was there. parks, roads. . . underneath bridges. . . well, theres a few more but you won't ever see, you won't care. But I can tell you that 100% it is best to smoke out in nature, as much as you can, bring back that feeling of being outside again. I used to play outside as a kid, and now I smoke outside, as an adult. interesting, right? Funny how things change.

I realize what I have done, I talked about location first, this is not what I outlined in my introduction, oh man my middle school teachers would be depressed.

Whatever, who cares, this isn't graded, TYRANNY. 

Ok, so no tyranny, back to the topic at hand. Lemme tell you this funny story that is my life and how its a good example of judging things before you try and do them

Im 20, for those curious people out there, and when I was in high school, and even middle school I swore I would never smoke pot, or drink alcohol. My big brother had that covered and I wasn't about to be the good little girl go bad and make my parents lives hell. So for the longest time I said no, I wouldn't, and I didn't feel pressured or get pressured, I didn't hate it, I didn't care if other people did it; I just wasn't going to. 

Well, that all changed come the end of my freshman year of college, where I smoked my first blunt ever. Oh boy, id never felt so calm in my life, it wasn't a high, but I felt relaxed for once, quiet actually. And then I spilled milk all over my friend's carpet. He wasn't happy at all. Whatever, life happens, milk is spilt, stop crying. 

I hate the stigma of smoking, and that everyone assumes you're a jobless loser who only gets high and eats. I prefer smoking to alcohol, the illegal to the (wrongfully) legal substance. One day it'll be legal too, is it where you are? what are some of your favorite smoking spots? and when did you start?

Signing off


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