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Weed Is Better Than Alcohol

Point Blank

There are many people who like getting high and getting drunk. There are people who enjoy doing them together, there are people who enjoy doing them separately and of course, who prefer one over the other.

I will not tell a lie. I still drink. Although I can confidently say that alcohol certainly takes a back seat to marijuana. Since we're using car analogies, alcohol is better compared to being in the trunk than the back seat. Let's talk about the best differences between the two.

1. Taste

While alcohol does offer many different flavors, its always going to be in liquid form. Liquor infused treats do exist however they will not make you feel inebriated without drowning the treat in question with liquor.

On the other hand, marijuana is available, tasteful and effective in various forms including "edibles." Edibles allow marijuana to be baked into various baked goods as well as added to most ANY thing you can eat. Marijuana nachos, shrimp Alfredo, fried chicken, candy... the possibilities for edibles are delicious and endless. Add to that, effective. Edibles have different levels of potency based on how much THC is used in them and my oh my, are they effective. In fact, I exclusively use edibles when medicating. Oh, and how dare I mention all the varying edibles without mentioning marijuana infused beverages. Lemonade, water, coffee as well as powder mixes, moonshine and pure syrups to be added to any liquid or on its own for a magnificent high.

2. Vessel

As mentioned when speaking of taste, alcohol in its pure and potent form is liquid. That’s it and that's all. You're either going to drink it or not as there is no other way of consuming alcohol.

With marijuana, there are many options. You can eat it, which is my choice of consumption. You can drink it, which I've done as well. You can smoke it, which is the most popular means of consumption. Vape, bong, gas mask, zig zag, cigarillo and other gear that I lack knowledge of because again, I exclusively consume edibles and am learning with each visit to the dispensary. There are also lotion, bath bombs, and other topical forms.

3. In the Midst...

As stated above multiple times, I'm exclusively using edibles. While I'm elevated, depending on the strain I either want to have more fun or I simply fall asleep. There is no loss of inhibitions. On marijuana, I may be more likely to step outside of my box due to the energy jolt I receive. I'm willing to accept that considering alcohol has me slurring my words, barely able to walk, becoming a nuisance to other intoxicated people before passing out sleep. Where's the fun in that? At least on marijuana I keep my wits about myself. I am simply excitable or sleepy.

4. The Aftermath

Hangover. Ugh! Everyone experiences a different kind of hangover but the verdict is the same: Hangovers suck. Headaches, vomiting, and all around illness are possible symptoms after drinking too much.

Now let's discuss my good friend marijuana. Guess what happens after you go to sleep high... You wake up. Yup. You simply wake up. There is no such thing as getting too high or having too much marijuana. If you intake a lot of marijuana, you might still be high when you wake up but that's all.

5. Diabetes Living

Most people know that alcohol breaks down to sugar which is why patients with diabetes are encouraged to drink little to no alcohol. That's not fun weather you want to "turn up" or to drink socially.

I'm sure you've gotten the theme of this article by now and know that marijuana does not negatively affect diabetes. Which is my final reason why marijuana is better than alcohol.

I most definitely identify myself as an advocate for mainstream marijuana use. Though I wouldn't have properly educated you all without mentioning the cons of marijuana, as I see it at least. Here is my list of cons:


Marijuana can get pricey. Especially if you have a high tolerance. You can spend $25 on a potent brownie, or $50 on a premium grade gram, but end up needing more. So now you've spent $50 or more trying to get and stay high.

If you drink, you can spend $30 on a bottle depending on brand and size, and get intoxicated. Even two bottles at $60 is less pricey.

2. Appetite

Yes, it's true about "the munchies." They exist and can have you eating an amount that you never knew you were capable of ingesting. You need to be cautious of this if you're trying to lose weight. Come up with a plan. Don't let the high version of yourself sabotage your effort. But don't give up marijuana either. Figure it out. Lol.

This article is dedicated to my best friend who has diabetes and introduced me to this herb.

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Weed Is Better Than Alcohol
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