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Weed Gifts For 8 Days of Hanukkah

This year I decided as my eighteen year old declared his cannabis lifestyle no different than my Chardonnay hobby, I would wrap some Ganjakkah Gifts for the Hanukkah season.

What's a Jewish stoner to do? It's that Hanukkah time of year. Time to consider gift giving for that special toker in your life. Most Rabbis have ruled that marijuana is in point of fact kosher, as long as it has not been baked with pork. That does not mean they approve of its use, but are ruling specifically on the codex. Matisyahu smokes, so it must be kosher. But what really sealed it for me, was Drake. Because Drake is Jewish. His mom is Sandi Graham, a retired teacher. Now she seems really proud of her Jewish son, and he sure smokes pot. 

On Hanukkah, the Jewish people celebrate a the miracle of the menorah, and the fact that is stayed lit. A guy named Mordechai is believed to have coined the saying "Get Lit". As far back as the middle ages when things were pretty tough for Jews globally, sabbath candle wicks were made from hemp and candle makers knew how to party. Tzitzit were were often made of hemp as well. Why do you think yeshiva boys are always kissing them.

For a long time certain Jews could smoke on Passover and some were prohibited. But when it came time to spin the dreidel and pass the gelt, we could all get lit. As with so many man made holidays that blissfully confuse the notion of gifts of kindness with superficial consumerism, Hanukkah has become eight days of material gifts. 

When I first got married, my mother in law taught me a valuable lesson. My husband was having a rough year at work, the market was clobbering him. I had stopped treating myself to certain top shelf hand creams I liked. For Hanukkah she wrapped me eight gifts. Each night I was treated to a different cream, hand lotion or cosmetic. From that holiday forward I have always tried to make my gift giving matter. Not a senseless gimmick gift but rather something that I knew the individual would need or want for their specific needs. 

This year I decided as my eighteen year old declared his cannabis life style no different than my Chardonnay hobby, I would wrap some Ganja Gifts for the holiday season.

Besamim Grinder

An electric grinder is a great Hanukkah gift. And even if Weedstien, decides he likes his old manual grinder, it still great for grinding besamim.

Smell Proof Case

Don't let that smell of latkas in the air, get masked by kosher kush.

Lets Get Lit T

This "Lets Get Lit" T shirt is shatnez approved.

Nylon Brush

After you clean the pipes, you can clean the menorah.

Star Wars and Jews

Keep your stash in a Star Wars (based on the story of Hanukkah) stash glass.

It is a period of civil war. A new government has declared the practice of the old faith a crime punishable by death, disbanding an ancient order of sages and sending many into exile. Rebel fighters, striking from a hidden base, have won their first major victory against the evil Empire, stirring a spirit of defiance among the populace. Outarmed and vastly outnumbered, the ragtag band of rebels – aided by an all-powerful, all-permeating Force that binds together all life in the universe – remain the only hope for restoring peace and freedom to their people.

It's one of the greatest epics known to mankind. No, not Star Wars. The above synopsis is actually the story of Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival that commemorates a miraculous victory of Israelite insurgents against the tyrannical Seleucid Empire roughly 2,200 years ago.

Also Holds Sabbath Candles

There are 25 sucker stands, that's a bargain. And if that's not enough of a reason they can double as Sabbath candle holders.

Weed Doctor Tool

Ok, so you weren't a doctor, but put on a white shirt, tuck this cleaning tool in the breast pocket and you can be a weed doctor.

Tesla Coil Lighter

More efficient than your average lighter and it's better for the environment. The original technology was developed in Tel Aviv. 

People of The Book

We are a people of the book. Need I say more.

Rolling a Perfect Scroll

The Jewish people have been hand rolling scrolls for millennia. It's about time it got easier.

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Weed Gifts For 8 Days of Hanukkah
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