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Weed 101 for Beginners

Everything a newbie needs to know on how to smoke.

In High Places 420: [July 14th, 2017]

I decided to write today's post in honor of my new homestead. I recently moved to a new state and have made best friends with one of my neighbors. Well being my bestie comes hand in hand with the good herb. Thus beginning, my lessons to a virgin toker.

LESSON ONE: How to pack a bowl, hit it, pass it, and cash it. 

What You Need

  • Cannabis
  • Grinder
  • Pipe, Bong, Etc.
  • Lighter
  • Bobby Pin 

How to Pack a Bowl

  1. Take out about half a gram or less of herbage. Remove and set aside the stems and any seeds (hopefully you don't have any seeds and very few stems in your stash but if you do either put them in a separate sealed container or back into your stash for later use).
  2. Put the weed into your grinder and twist it 2-3 times around. You want the weed to be ground up but not a powder. *If you don't own a grinder, you can pick the weed apart with your fingers.
  3. Put the ground up green in the bowl of your smoking vessel. *If you are using a bubbler, bong, water pipe, etc. make sure to add water before adding weed. Sometimes it can be more efficient to go through the bowl to add the H2O.

Ready to hit it? Of course you are. TOKE TIME! 

How to Take a Hit

  1. Check your piece for a carb hole. This is a small hole found usually on the side of your piece.
  2. Cover the carb with your finger and hover the flame of your lighter over the top side of the weed in your bowl.
  3. Inhale as you do all of this, causing the flame to gently pull over the weed, lighting it. (This is a trick done to not burn the weed as fast and more vaporize it as much as possible.)
  4. Release the carb hole or gently pull out the bowl from your bong to release the seal and begin to end your hit. Make sure you continue to inhale as you do this to clear your piece.
  5. If you think you inhaled into your mouth and not directly to your lungs, take in a small breath of air without exhaling your hit.
  6. Hold it all in as long as you can before you exhale. As a new smoker...this probably won't be long and you'll most likely cough a lot now. Ride out that cough and prepare to pass or do it again. 

How to Pass

If you are smoking a joint or blunt, etiquette is puff puff pass (take 2 hits then pass to your left). If you are smoking a pipe or other, it's puff & pass (1 hit and pass to your left). Whoever rolls or packs it, sparks it first.

Keep in mind this is normal smoking etiquette, but you should always get your smoke tribe's vibe first on establishing this. As a newbie, most stoners are happy to show you their world if you respect it. 

How to Cash Out

When a bowl is cashed, it means there's no more hits left. This is a highly debatable point determined usually by whose weed it is and if they have more. However, normally a cashed bowl will taste foul and bitter.

Once determined cashed, take a bobby pin or other pokeable object and clean out the bowl as well as possible. There will always be a bit of residue left behind but this is not a worry unless you're deep cleaning your piece (I'll cover this late on in another post). 

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to reach out to me on TwitterPinterest, Facebook, or via email at [email protected]gmail.com

I take topic requests! 

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Weed 101 for Beginners
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