Ways to Treat PMS with Cannabis

Get rid of cramps and get high with ways to treat PMS with cannabis.

Cannabis seems to be a cure for everything—depression, anxiety, pain from cancer treatments, and even anorexia. As research continues to pile on the many benefits of medical marijuana, more symptoms than ever are starting to be treated with cannabis. 

Ladies are definitely cashing in, primarily because there are now ways to treat PMS with cannabis. Some are even claiming that they're helping with cramps and hot flashes, too. 

Want to learn how to treat PMS using everyone's favorite herbal cure? Don't worry—we have you covered. 

Smoke it to alleviate pains, cramps, and mood swings.

The easiest ways to treat PMS with cannabis all involve smoking it in some way, shape, or form. 

THC is a muscle relaxant, which in turn can help reduce the muscle cramping that comes with PMS. High CBD strains in particular tend to be good for alleviating aches and pains, simply because it's more of a "body high" than THC-rich strains. 

Studies also show that CBD also can alleviate hormone-induced mood swings. In one study, women who smoked CBD-rich cannabis were able to see an almost immediate improvement in their PMS-sparked negative moods. 

PMS-treating cannabis strains can be both high in CBD or high in THC. It all depends on what you're looking for. However, most prefer high CBD strains instead. 

Or, bake some special brownies to alleviate PMS symptoms and get your chocolate fix.

If you don't feel like smoking cannabis to get your PMS gone, there are other ways to treat PMS with cannabis that you might want to look into. More specifically, you can also enjoy a cannabis-packed treat. 

As most girls know, there's something awesome about having chocolate when you're trying to treat PMS symptoms. It calms you down. It makes you feel less achy. It also somehow manages to calm down PMS-created bowel problems. 

Cannabis also has similar properties, so by making a batch of special brownies, you're getting both bonuses at the same time. A good way to enjoy it would be to try this recipe here, or to just ask a friend to bring some goodies by. 

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Ways to Treat PMS with Cannabis