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Ways to Smoke Weed Without Anyone Noticing

Since it's not legal yet, unfortunately us potheads of the world just need to keep coming up with ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing; good thing there are a bunch.

Whether it's in your own room, at your parents' home, or outside on the streets, all pot smokers know how truly difficult it is to mask the smell of their smoking habits and to avoid suspicion, especially due to the fact that our eyes redden up relatively quick, on top of the social effects weed has on our minds. It's better just to hide the weed than to smoke your loud in a loud way; that's why I have devised a few simple ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing. 

What's the secret? Well, besides being and acting confident in the face of any weed smoking-related situation, it's best just to act normal, or unsuspicious. That's a vague connotation, but it's the best I have in the moment (I'm not that high, but we can all understand parents who smoke weed). It does make us susceptible to lots of paranoia and hunger (among other things), but all I have to say is: don't make it obvious. If it's a storage issue, the best smell proof containers has got you covered, otherwise let us have a toke in privacy of outward judgment and prying eyes, shall we?

The Blunt-in-a-Cup Method

This is one of the most ingenious methods among ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing, and will probably be your ticket to success. Knowing all you potheads out there, one or two of your friends had to have bought fast food recently. You know those plastic cups they give you, right? I think we know where I'm headed with this one.

No one's gonna stop to ask you any questions if they only see your hands occupied with a cup. Nothing suspicious to see here, they'll all think. Realistically, you're sipping your way up toward the cosmos, secretly chuckling at everyone's stupidity. Between you and me, this one's especially fun on real misty or foggy days. 


The almighty Sploof (kinda sounds like a God or something) is really just an end roll of toilet paper—you know, the cardboard when finished—ingeniously crafted with dryer sheets and maybe some adhesive of some kind. 

There's a variety of ways one can make a sploof, but you can just buy it nowadays. This one's a smaller version of their more popular line of "smoke buddy" air filters, but I find the newer ones are a tad bit better and one of the more successful ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing. 

Clean Yourself

I'd say easiest among ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing is simply being hygienic, or at least having the foresight to know you smell like total weed no matter what you smoked.

To avoid being caught this way, either shower or just toss on some cologne, but don't go too crazy with it. Some people brush their teeth, others wash their hands (please do this before smoking), and others even utilize the awesome power of breath mints. I prefer...

Masking the Smoke

If you don't know what Ozium is then you're just not doing it right. If you need to find some of the best ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing (ie. detection) then mask your illicit behavior with top name brands like Febreze and Glade. Cover up the smell! It's that simple. 

There are candles, sprays, incense, sage, air purifiers, and all kinds of different masks that will cover up that danky loud in no time. Just do not use too much, or abuse the particular product, or you'll make whomever you're trying to hide it from suspicious of your activities. 

Vape Pens

Oh yeah, this has not only become popular, but fairly recently started amassing huge followings all over the place. It realistically started with regular vaporizers; these use only e-cig juice or even a combination of e-cig juice and some other marijuana related substance (CBD oil or another). 

Now, vape pens come in many a variety, like the ones everyone knows, or the more sophisticated vaporizers, like my buddy's. His was shaped almost like a triangle and could be set to certain degrees for the best hit known on planet Earth. But, are weed vape pens safe? asks Rolling Stone... yes, of course they are; but for a prolonged time I would have to say probably not, and this goes for quite nearly anything (like alcohol and cigarettes). 

Air Purifiers

Purifiers work just as well as candles and spray-on scents. In my opinion, you'll be waiting and it might not even necessarily pick up all of the odor, just smoke. Not that it's a bad thing, but most people tend to want all of it gone, in which case I would simply suggest smoking outside—but, that's just me. 

HEPA and ionizing filters works well, I've been told, but there are some surprising ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing if you have a huge family of plants in your home. It's not foolproof (maybe not even all-too possible), but plants do filter air naturally. That's why I myself have a few ficuses, but air purifiers are better than if you blow smoke out a open a window or only brush your teeth. 

Using a Crowd of Cig-Smokers

It's one hundred percent far more ingenious than others, but not all that popular. You can be caught by cigarette smokers, but if you cover up the smell right, using a crowd of cigarette smokers is one of the best ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing (especially at concerts and raves).

There are a variety of methods to doing this the right way, but you can simply walk around the particular group or stroll by smokers as you secretly hit your weed, it all comes down to how many people are actually smoking cigarettes. Also, keep in mind that once they finish, you should too, or else get caught like an idiot. 

Steam Smoking

I am not a fan of this one, actually, but that's not to say it won't work for you or even be your preferred method of ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing. To begin, make your way to your or your friend's bathroom and start the hot water. It's a steam-box, per se, in that you want some sauna-esque moisture in the air so as to detoxify the marijuana accompanying it.

Like I said, not my favorite method, but it does work, and wonders it works. Also, not necessary but informational: mask the smell even more by using a rug or towel as a blocker for the door crack. For those who like to clean themselves, why not shower and smoke at the same time? You're right, that does sound stupid.

Edibles Instead-ables

Yes, we all love smoking weed and there's not a thing anywhere close to being like it, but we couldn't realistically be talking about ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing if we didn't at least attempt to bring up edibles. I know you're not actually smoking marijuana, but you are getting high. 

Learn how to make pot brownies that are delicious. It's not that difficult. There are tons of various methods to make edibles—so many it's practically endless. They're almost like Lunchables, but for marijuana lovers—now that's how you hide your high!


My least favorite, since there's no fun to be had! All you have to do is open a window and maybe a door, if that's your idea of ventilation, but hey, there are plenty of ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing. This one's just not as popular. 

Most people have fans, ceiling vents, things of that nature to help them ventilate the "weed air," they call it. Some people even have these crazy air vacuum things, not an actual vacuum but something that basically ventilates the air. Or, you could simply smoke out the window if you prefer that. 

Dab Nation

Dabbing isn't always the best of ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing since it's not technically weed (it's like 90 percent THC), but there's also the fact that it still kinda smells. Aside from that, it's probably the most potent of all on this list. 

Dabbing entails something very different than simply dropping your forehead into the inside of your elbow. Using a glass rig, or even a joint or blunt with marijuana as well, dabbing can be made possible and will reduce the smell of weed, but not as much as you may prefer. 

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