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Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Coffee

Put a slight spin on the average wake and bake by adding cannabis to your coffee.

Can you think of anything better to add to your coffee for a relaxing start to your day than cannabis? Me neither. Coffee is the first stop that many people make after getting up in the morning. It gets the body going, but sometimes you need a little something extra to get your creative juices flowing. Add cannabis to your coffee to put a slight spin on your average wake and bake and get your brain moving as quickly as your body. Cannabis and coffee go together like salt and pepper, and there are many great ways to add cannabis to your coffee. 

Green Sugar

Yes, cannabis infused sugar is an actual thing. What a time to be alive! Whoever thought of this idea deserves some form of medal. Relevant Innovations is one of the companies that has been able to merge organically grown cannabis into highly metabolizable sugar crystals. How strong is this sugar? I hear you ask. Well, just like you can get different strengths of cannabis you can get different strengths of the sugar using different levels of CBD or THC. There are many different forms of sugar that are available. CannaCanes sugar is sold throughout the country and there are many different guides explaining how you can actually make your own in your kitchen! Obviously this isn’t great for the diabetics out there or any of you that are on a diet. Don’t worry your little cotton socks, if you keep reading there are plenty of alternatives!


If you like your coffee black, this next idea isn't going to be for you but I've always been a proponent of the saying "don’t knock it before you've tried it!" Milk comes in all different shapes and sizes (not literally). You can use dairy milk, almond milk, soy milk, whatever milk you use you can add cannabis to it. All milk types contain a substantial amount of fat, which allows easily digestible doses of cannabis to be poured into each cup of coffee. A whole joint's worth of cannabis can be finely ground up and warmed into 250 ml of milk, creating an alleviating coffee creamer. This is also referred to as cannamilk, and can again be found premade in many different places across the country.

Cannabis Sticks

You know the honey sticks you can get to stir your coffee with? Yep, you guessed it, they can be made with cannabis in them, too! While you’re stirring away you can also be diffusing cannabis into your coffee, creating an amazing combination of honey, coffee, and cannabis. CBD and THC honey sticks are usually made with CO2 extracted cannabis oil and local organic honey. These sticks are not only used for coffee, they can be used in anything from tea to yogurt.


What do people love just as much as coffee? Chocolate! Now think about this, you make your normal coffee but you add a little cube of special chocolate. My personal favorite cannabis flavored chocolates come from companies like Peak Extract and Kiva. You can also make this at home to add to your morning brew in your own kitchen.

Now if you are not a big smoker (or cant roll for s*** like me) but you enjoy a good high, coffee is a great source of cannabis! It gives you the ability to feel the creative side of being stoned without feeling tired because of the counteractive caffeine. Don’t knock it before you've tried it! 

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Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Coffee
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