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Vape Pens and Smoking Pipes – The 2018 Gift Guide

Get the best gifts you'll ever give to your cannabis-loving bestie!

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu

Christmas and the New Year is the time of giving. The one time of the year where buying gifts is as much a tradition as family get-togethers and huge feasts. We often find ourselves scratching our heads as we try to think of the perfect gift for our family and friends. 

If you are buying for someone who is into cannabis or vaping, then there is no shortage of gift ideas. There are a huge variety of smoking and vaping accessories available for affordable prices all over the web and in stores. Whether it’s vape pens, bongs, or glass pipes, this guide will help you find the perfect gift for any loved ones.

Vape Pens on a Budget

Vape pens are a versatile tool when it comes to vaping oils, wax, or herbs. This makes them an awesome gift because there are vape pens that can suit everyone’s needs—whether they smoke, dab, or vape e-liquids. They come in different styles and colors to please everyone. The best part is, these days you can pick up a quality vape pen without breaking the bank.

Wax vape pens are a unique vape that have become a hit with dabbers recently. They are small enough to fit in your pocket yet produce clouds that rival some dab rigs. The best part is that they are easy to operate and incredibly portable. If you are buying for someone who loves their wax concentrates, a wax vaporizer will make a great gift. Many options, like the Micro Vapes available are inexpensive, functional, and fit right in the pocket.

If you are buying someone who prefers their flower weed over concentrates, a dry herb vape pen makes for an exciting gift. These cool vapes allow users to get the most out of their cannabis. Instead of burning up the weed, they use high temperatures to heat the air and literally vaporize the THC off the plant material. This makes harsh smoke a thing of the past and produces stronger results compared to standard smoking. 

There are plenty of affordable herb vaporizers available that are moderately priced for how well they function. But they can range in price from the higher-end PAX to the affordable, and popular Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer.

Should you have a loved one who enjoys using the popular 510 oil cartridges, a perfect gift would be a powerful and functional vape battery. Oil cartridges are great, they are full of a natural oil extracted from high-quality flowers. 

To take full advantage of these cartridges, one needs a battery and they range from the basic stylus pen style to the more complicated box mods. The SteamCloud Mini is a newer design that positions the cartridge side by side the battery, and it is quickly becoming the preference. Regardless, most oil batteries are small and discreet. 

Even some box mods that fit 510-threaded cartridges can fit in the palm, but the mod upside is the super long battery life and ability to change watt output, aka how strong the hit is. 

Unbreakable Bongs and Pipes

We all have that one friend who seems to always break their glass pieces. After all, it seems like it is unavoidable that a pipe or bong made from glass is going to break. All it takes is one minor accident before there’s shattered glass all over the floor. 

Silicone pipes and bongs are a great alternative to brittle glass. Not only are they unbreakable, but they are going to last forever. They are a perfect gift, not just for your clumsy friends, but anyone whose passion is smoking weed.

Silicone is safe to use and can stand up to even the highest or lowest of temperatures. Not only that, but if you have a friend who likes to take his pipe or bong out of the house, silicone is easily cleaned and can be folded into a small bag. These bongs are portable and will not get damaged while being transported around. 

Silicone bongs, hand pipes or even dab rigs come in a huge variety of colors, and are generally more affordable than glace pieces. And they work just like their glass counterparts. The only difference is if you drop them, you won’t need a broom to pick them back up. 

Wax Vape Pens

When it comes to vaping wax, there is a lot of features to look out for. There are a ton of wax vapes on the market, but most are pretty basic and simply heat some sort of wax atomizer. But this concentrate requires specific conditions to be vaped properly, and finding a good wax vape pen can seem like a daunting task when there are so many available.

The Saber Vape Pen is a new take on a wax vaporizer. It sports a host of new features that makes it stand out. Instead of each part of the pen screwing together, the Saber pen uses powerful magnets. This means no part of it will ever be impossible to unscrew because the threads have been clogged up with wax residue. 

In addition to having three convenient heat settings, the Saber also has an auto-heat function that bakes the wax at a low steady temperature – this feature is specifically designed for to improve the flavor, and it does. With just a click of a button, the Saber heats the wax at a constant temperature for 15 seconds, giving you a reliable and robust flavor without burning any wax.

You have the basic wax vapes, but for someone really special, and for those that enjoy wax often, the Saber Pen makes for a great gift, especially for the purest of concentrate enthusiasts. Not only are wax vape pens more portable than dab rigs, they also take less time to use and are fun to experiment with. 

Glass Pipes, Chillums & More

If you are buying a gift for someone who really loves to smoke weed, then going with a glass piece is a solid choice. There are so many types of tools for smoking that your possibilities may seem endless. Chances are, you know what your friend or loved one is into, so finding a present that you know they will love shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Glass pipes make for versatile gifts. From Sherlock Pipes to chillums, there is a huge array of sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. So, chances are there is a pipe to fit everyone’s specific tastes. The designs on glass bowls are as captivating as they are unique. Some are even designed to change color the more they are used. There is a variety of bowl sizes and depths to choose from. High-end bowls have the most intricate designs. There are some that even have electroformed bugs attached onto the pipe.

Chillums are a unique smoking tool. Unlike pipes, glass chillums have a straight barrel with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. They are also smaller than most glass pipes, making them ideal for on the go smoke sessions. Just like glass pipes, they also come in a variety of different colors and designs. If the person you are buying for would enjoy a new way to smoke, or likes to smoke on the go, a chillum would make an excellent gift.

Bong bowls are another popular glass piece. They are handblown with all sorts of colors and designs, and fit on most glass bongs. A lot of times, a bong will come with a pretty ordinary bowl. Adding a new and unique bowl to a bong is a great way to overhaul its look. They also make great gifts for friends who love using their bongs. 

Cool Grinders

Herb grinders are an essential tool for anyone who smokes or vapes. In order to get a steady burn from your herbs, they need to be well ground. Pulling apart a sticky bud with your fingers causes a mess, and it takes a lot of time to pull apart enough for a bowl pack – plus you won’t enjoy kief in the eye. Herb grinders are designed to break up weed in a few fluid motion, leaving you with a pile of finely ground green. Many herb grinders have multiple compartments, a grinding chamber, a chamber for the grounded herb, and a third chamber for all the finer particles known as kief.

Grinders make awesome gifts for new and seasoned smokers. They are also perfect for people who vape their herbs. In order to properly and thoroughly vaporize herbs, vaporizers also require finely ground material. For this reason, grinder would also make a great gift to go along with an herb vaporizer.

There are a lot of grinders available on the web and in stores. They come in every imaginable color and in a variety of sizes, from mini versions to extra-large. Some have unique patterns, such as the Rasta colors made famous by Bob Marley. 

When it comes to designs, not even the sky is the limit. There is even a grinder that is modeled after the notorious Death Star from Star Wars. Some grinders also use vibration to optimize the production of kief and are popular with people who vape their herbs. 

Where to Holiday Shop

Head shops are nowhere near as rare as they were ten years ago. Nowadays, many head shops have become synonymous with vape shops as the two hobbies have somewhat overlapped. The popularity of smoking weed and using vaporizers has blossomed in recent years, which has given rise to a huge new industry.

These days it is almost certain that there is a head or vape shop in most cities and towns throughout the country. Not only that, but the online marketplace has also expanded, giving way to thousands of new web stores for vapes and smoking supplies. In other words, there is no shortage of places to shop.

Buying online is one of the most popular ways for people to shop for gifts. It is sometimes easier to compare prices and find the best deals this way. Many web stores like nyvapeshop.com offer free shipping with no minimum purchases, meaning you aren’t losing any money shopping online. However, it is a smart idea to shop ahead when buying online. That way you give your gift enough time to ship to your house before the holidays begin.  

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