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Top 5 Sativas for Energy & Creativity

Best Strains for Daytime Use

Marijuana Plants in their Prime

With the legal marijuana market becoming more prevalent in more parts of the world (like in Canada), we are seeing a great increase in the number of businesses opening up in cannabis. With this new market comes the ability to pick and choose a variety of strains that are useful for many different medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Whether you are someone that suffers from chronic pain, stress and/or anxiety, ADHD, or anything else really, there is usually a strain out there that can help in some way and if you are looking to be able to use this medicine during the day, sativa strains are for you! For someone like me who suffers from anxiety, I have been able to experiment with many different strains to find the ones that work best for me. When recommending these strains, patients/users have felt some or more of the great sensations that I received when using them. 

What is a sativa?

A sativa is a type of marijuana plant. This specific type of plant produces marijuana that is great for creativity, energy and a great cerebral high. The other type of plant provides indica marijuana which is what gives you more of a body high and full relaxation. Indica (I think of it as in-da-couch to remember) is a strain used during the evenings or to help with sleep and body pain as it has great lasting body effects. Sativas are best used during the day and provide a patient/user with a great cerebral high and can help for feeling more energized and adding a great sense of creativity and productivity to the mix. This really helps the user to focus more on one task which is great when dealing with stress and/or anxiety.

Top 5 Sativas & Their Effects 

5. Chocolope

If you happen to come across this strain, it is a must try! It is about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica which makes it excellent for daytime use without the groggy and tired effects. This strain creates an overall energy and increased ability to focus on tasks. This is great for someone with anxiety or even ADHD as there is so much going on in your brain, that sometimes you need a more focused ability. The high is long lasting and is great if you are looking to clean your house or accomplish daily tasks. 

4. Super Silver Haze

Awesome for daytime use and energy. If you need a pick-me-up that will help you get tasks accomplished, this strain is for you. It is quite strong even for regular users, so perhaps consider starting slow and building on it as you feel the effects. This is a sativa dominant strain and has long lasting effects both cerebral and in the body. This one helps you to feel relaxed while also making you feel more uplifted. Great strain for stress as it really helps you to relax your mind and body. 

3. Strawberry Haze

I tried this strain for the first time in Amsterdam when I asked for the best sativa they had. They sure delivered! Also, this strain really does smell exactly like strawberries, which helps us want to taste it more! This was a very intense high and is great for regular users. I would say use with caution to new users as it can be a very overwhelming (but euphoric) high. Haze strains really do make you feel like you are in a haze, so beware of that when choosing one. It's an amazing cerebral high and great for socializing. It really is a mood elevator and helps spark something in the mind which helps with the part of socializing!  

2. Dr. Grinspoon

This is an AMAZING strain and is a pure (100 percent) sativa which makes it great for anytime of day. This strain made me accomplish all I needed to and more while feeling an absolutely fantastic cerebral high that was unlike any other. This is great for people who are artists or writers as it really enhances your cerebral awareness and helps creativity to flow. It creates a great time for some introspection as it really allows you to think more clearly. I highly suggest this strain to anyone who wants a great daytime strain that will help them to feel more connected to self and others as it is quite a euphoric high and is long lasting. I have not seen it particularly at places in Canada but I did see it at select places in Amsterdam and it was well worth trying! 

1. Amnesia Haze

This is my all time favourite strain for daytime use! The effects are out of this world. Again, like any haze, you get the energetic and cerebral intensity but also the ability to really feel like you are in a haze. This is great if you deal with stress or anxiety and is certainly a great strain when waking up and needing some motivation! This is a super uplifting strain which is great for mood disorders. This is a regular winner in the sativa cup and for great reason! I would HIGHLY suggest trying this strain but again, for novice users, start slowly as it can become very intense.

That was my short list of some of the best sativas available right now and I can surely say I've tried enough of them to know. If you are looking for more great sativas, you can definitely do your research but it's best to try as many as you can before making any rash decisions about which are the best as there are so many to choose from. 

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Top 5 Sativas for Energy & Creativity
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