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The Trippiest Movies of All Time

Submerging us into new realities, reshaping known realms, casting light over the shadows and highlighting colors unimaginable, here are the trippiest movies of all time.

No, Doctor Strange wasn't a trippy movie. What qualifies as something that's 'trippy' or something similar to the visuals of hallucinogenics? Movies that bend our imagination, the one's that have true characters, brilliant plot lines, and entrancing journeys; films that make you see the world in a whole new vibrance. 

The trippiest movies of all time will test all of your senses and emotions. You'll not only be afraid, you'll want to understand. That's the beauty in these features, some of which look at the minds of our most talented artists, while others gaze at the imagination in whole new bounds. Take a peek into the trippiest movies of all time and witness the brilliance of the mind set free.

Enter the Void

Literally examining the process and thereafter of one man's using DMT, otherwise known as Dimethyltryptamine, it would be a crime not to consider Enter the Void as one of the trippiest movies of all time.

Inviting some of the craziest visuals in cinematography and showcasing a brilliant plot to boot, this French flick will take you down a wormhole beyond belief. Along the way you will experience life, death, love, happiness, and the everlasting enrichment of the hereafter.

Event Horizon

Rather eccentric to the list, Event Horizon in its own right was never intended to be a ‘trippy film.’ Genuinely a sci-fi psychological horror, it blends genres with a seamless twist and deliberately tricks your mind.

Event Horizon, in this case, not only deals with the edge of a black hole, but with the confines of a long lost starship bearing the same name. In it reside a multitude of horrors, all of which make for one of the trippiest movies of all time. 

2001: A Space Odyssey

The first time I witnessed this sci-fi classic I was left absolutely speechless. It's one of those movies you have to watch a few times, then read the book before you really get it. From the ominous and reappearing monolith, to the cosmic journey abound, 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the trippiest movies of all time by balancing terrific sci-fi with epic scenes of cinematography. 

All you need to add is the mechanical message replayed by HAL 9000:

"I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do."

A Clockwork Orange

Some even go so far as to claim A Clockwork Orange can teach us some politics in America, but I just think it's one of the trippiest movies of all time. It's got a band of drug-using fiends, a few good sing-alongs, and an eerie message about the conditions of society. 

Packed with its own diary of slang, in addition to a dark and gritty film style that gives it a dystopian feel, A Clockwork Orange is in its own class of fame and will continue to thrive as a cult classic. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Dragging along his trusty attorney into a whirlwind of a journey that spirals into the beyond, Raoul Duke embarks on an inner quest that is half narcotic-induced and half spiritual, only to end up far off the beaten track.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, first brought to life in the 1971 book by Hunter S. Thompson, showcases the unbridled freedom one man strives for, all the while plunging into his own vortex of sin. It's one of the trippiest movies of all time for a reason, so don't get left behind.  

The Holy Mountain

From the moment you start it to the roll of the end credits, Holy Mountain is nothing what you expect, yet it sure does capture your awe and imagination. Whether in its character development or in the amazing scenery portrayed, Holy Mountain evokes an unmatched look at belief in many symbolic forms. 

Being that it's one of the trippiest movies of all time, it should come as no surprise that Beatles' manager Allen Klien produced this surrealist fantasy about a religious pilgrimage to a sacred mountain of immortal men. It's an epic joyride that is sure to tantalize your mind.

Pan's Labyrinth

As far as children's fantasies go, Pan's Labyrinth is far from them. It's a Spanish film made by none other than Guillermo del Toro and portrays the lovely tale of Ofelia as she's brought to her new home during 1944. Eventually led into the dwelling of many fantastical beasts, Ofelia soon unlocks a world she may not have wanted open in the first place. 

Interweaving tones of the Nazi's regime with the villainous creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the grounds, the director certainly proves his talent by making one of the trippiest movies of all time. 

Waking Life

Probably one of the most complex and mind-numbing animated features ever birthed, Waking Life gives us an extraordinary story that is grounded in an exceptional experience of overcoming the ultimate question on existence: Why are we here?

It's one of the trippiest movies of all time because at it's heart is one premise: Are we merely sleepwalking, or is this all truly reality? Though the answer may not be found there, try watching Waking Life to see a whole new avenue of storytelling, but be warned. You may end up seeing the world much differently. 

Altered States

Tapping into the essence of consciousness may seem like one hell of an experiment, but it does in fact end up much like hell for Edward Jessup. In analyzing the various states between the conscious and unconscious self, utilizing drugs and sleep deprivation, the psychology professor makes a breakthrough. 

Only, as you would expect from one of the trippiest movies of all time, Jessup ends up spiraling in and out of reality. Will he maintain his place in the natural realm, or will he unendingly fall into Altered States?


Not so much a movie but more of an iconic look at geography, Samsara is one of the trippiest movies of all time that actually has no real plot or overall premise. With this film, it's all about how you experience what you see and what you get out of it all in the end. 

Other than depicting wonders from the American Southwest, Himalayas, and European cathedrals, Samsara also supports a finely crafted track list that drops you into the world on the screen. It's surreal in its own nature and implores you to look at the world with a more open mind.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

An observation into the life of rocker "Pink" and the 1979 album titled The Wall by Pink Floyd, this movie takes you on a journey down one man's unsettled dream of becoming everything at the expense of his own psyche. 

Pink Floyd: The Wall is not only one of the trippiest movies of all time, it's also one of the strongest portrayals of a rockstar in documentary format. It paints an otherwise grotesque experience of unwritten dimensions, showcasing the rise and fall of legendary artist Pink Floyd as their most valuable musician plunges into a seedy wall of his own demise. 

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