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The Saber Pen Vape Review

Are wax vapes really as good as they say they are? We try the Saber Pen to find out.

Wax vaporizers are a recent addition to the vaping family. The art of creating the perfect vape for herbs and oils has come a long way. After a brief time in development, wax vapes are starting to catch up. The Saber Vape Pen is a prime example of how to smoke wax. It sports a sleek and compact design with a set of controllable temperatures that have been sorely missing in the world of wax vapes.

Wax vaporizers made an appearance in the marketplace not all that long ago. In the beginning, they were simple devices that had a ceramic heating element that would warm wax in a chamber. However, these devices had batteries that outputted a constant and unchangeable voltage. This resulted in the coils burning too hot, searing the wax and putting off a foul-tasting vapor.

Wax, as we know, is sticky; and when its heated up, it can be quite messy. In these classic vape pen designs, if you got wax onto the vape’s threads, you might as well say goodbye to ever unscrewing them again. These issues represented a dilemma to those who wanted to vape wax. The convenience of wax vapes seemed outweighed by these annoyances.

The Saber Vape Pen has addressed all of these flaws. The first thing you may notice when you unbox your Saber pen is that it looks like a miniature lightsaber. One that will fit in your hand with about the same profile as a permanent marker. It is small and sleek but it is also sturdy and feels like a quality vape pen. Its small profile also makes it discreet, and the sturdy metal design makes it perfect for taking it on the go. There’s no need to worry about glass cracking or the chassis falling apart.

The Saber Pen not only looks cool, it has a bunch of amazing features too. The mouthpiece, coil, and battery all snap together with powerful magnets. So, you can say goodbye to ever worrying about wax getting on your threads and having to crank it apart with all your strength. The battery also magnetically attaches to the USB charger, making it simple to quickly charge your pen. There is no need for messy wires.

The Saber Vape Pen also allows you to change the voltages at which it operates. This is an awesome feature that every good wax vape should have. In addition to variable voltages, this pen has one feature that really had me sold: an auto-heat function. In this mode, the pen automatically heats the chamber and keeps it at a constant, low temperature for 15 seconds. This takes the convenience of the pen to a whole new level.

There are two coils that come with this innovative wax pen, a new dual quartz coil, and a traditional ceramic donut coil. The new quartz coil is the latest to hit the market. It heats more consistently than the old ceramic style coils, while also giving you larger and tastier clouds. 

What’s in the Box?

The Saber Vape Pen comes in a small, black and green box. There is a laser beam running across the box, similar to that of a Star Wars lightsaber beam. Inside you will find the Saber Pen with a preinstalled dual quartz coil, a dabbing tool, a spare ceramic donut coil, and USB charger. The box also includes an instruction pamphlet. 

How to Use the Saber Pen

The Saber Vape Pen is among the easiest to use vape pens on the market. You can access all the pen’s features at the click of a button. This includes turning it on, changing the volts, and activating the auto-heat function. There is only one button on the pen, similar to the classic ego-style vape pens.

  • Turning it On or Off: To power the pen on, you simply click the button five times. The LED light circling the button, as well as the LED “S” symbol at the base of the battery, will flash as the pen comes on. To turn it off you press the button five times and it will flash off.
  • Changing Volts: The Saber Pen has three voltage settings. The LEDs on the pen will change color to represent what setting is currently active. To cycle through the various settings, you quickly press the button three times. The LEDs will then flash and change colors from green to blue to red.
    • Green is for low heat (3.7 volts, 390F - 570F)
    • Blue for medium heat (3.9 volts, 570F - 750F)
    • Red for high heat (4.2 volts, 750F - 895F)
  • Auto-Heat Function: The auto-heat function is what really makes the Saber Pen shine amongst its competition. To activate this mode, simply click the button twice. The pen will then heat the chamber to the perfect temperature for wax, and keep heating it for 15 seconds. If you want to stop the auto-heat function, just press the button once. Of course, you will want to have wax in the chamber before turning this feature on. The auto-heat function temperature varies for each voltage. If you are using the green low heat setting, the auto-function will keep the chamber a steady 300F. The blue setting heats it to 390F. And the red setting will heat it to 480F.
  • Loading the Coil: To put wax onto your coil, remove the top mouthpiece by pulling it off. Inside the chamber, you will see two quartz rods, each wrapped with wire. This is where you want to place your wax. You can use the included dabbing tool to place the wax on the coil gently, or drop a piece in with your fingers. As a starting point, I wouldn’t recommend putting too much wax in the chamber.
  • Vaping the Wax: The best part of the Saber Pen is vaping your wax and getting delicious full-bodied clouds. Once you have chosen your temperature settings and the wax is on the coil, you can press and hold the button. Then just start vaping as you hold the button down. If you decided to try the auto-heat function, just press the button two times fast. You can begin vaping immediately without any need to hold the button.
  • Charging the Battery: The Saber Vape Pen comes with its own magnetic USB charging dock. To charge the battery, just pull it apart from the pen and stick it on the charger. You can then plug the USB into a compatible wall adapter, into your computer, or into any USB port that can be used to charge. The battery takes little time to charge. When it is done charging, the LED light will change from red to green.

Auto-Heat versus Fixed Voltage

One of the core issues of standard wax vaporizers is they operate using a fixed voltage. When you activate the battery, the coil keeps getting hotter and hotter. This can burn the wax and give it an off taste. The Saber Vape Pen addresses this problem with its auto-heat function. It keeps the chamber a steady and constant temperature, ensuring the wax vaporizes evenly without giving you that nasty burned taste.

  • Fixed Voltage: You decide how long to heat the coil to adjust the amount of vapor you get, but also have no control over how hot the coil will become.
  • Auto-Heat: The pen keeps the coil at a constant temperature for 15 seconds, ensuring it does not overheat and burn through the wax too fast. Meanwhile, you can take a hit without holding in the button.

Dual Quartz versus Ceramic Donut Coil

The Saber Pen comes with two coils: ceramic and dual quartz. There is a difference between the two, but both work very well for vaping wax. I noticed when first using the quartz coil, the vapor came on fast and produced a large, flavorful cloud. While using the ceramic donut coil, I had to take a bit of a longer draw, but still got a big and tasty hit.

From a technical standpoint, ceramic tends to be more porous than quartz. This means it may hold more oil than quartz and remain somewhat more consistent. However, the difference is very minor. The dual quartz coil carries its own benefits as well. It is able to heat up faster, providing larger clouds with more flavor. During my time using both, I found they each held up well and both provided a satisfying vaping experience. 

Saber Vape Pen Tips

I have learned a couple things during my time using the Saber Vape Pen. The following tips are my own personal recommendations so that you too can get the best experience from your pen.

  • Don’t Go Too Hot: Not all waxes are the same, so being able to change the temperature with the Saber Pen is a huge plus. You may not always want the biggest of clouds, so having the option to turn the voltage down is also a great addition. When starting out, don’t immediately go for the highest voltage. I recommend starting low to see how your wax will vaporize at that voltage. If you want more vapor, then turn the volts up. When using the ceramic coil, too much heat and not enough wax may cause the coil to crack. So, it’s best to take it slow until you are comfortable using it.
  • Try the Auto-Heat Function: As an alternative to using a fixed voltage setting, try using the auto-heat function. I was excited to try this feature because I had never seen it in a wax vape before. The Saber is like a smart vape pen. It knows what temperature is best for vaping wax, and can do so automatically as you use it. It works with both the ceramic and quartz coils. I found it to be the easiest wax vaping experience I ever had. 


The Saber Vape Pen is easy to use, and produces results that you would expect from a quality wax vaporizer. It is small, discreet, and made from tough metal that will be sure to hold up. The magnetic seals and auto-heat technology make it a one of a kind pen. It was the best experience I have gotten from a wax vaporizer. It is certainly a new contender to the marketplace, and one you should consider when looking for a wax vape. 

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The Saber Pen Vape Review
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