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The Miracle of CBD

CBD totally transformed my life.

I can honestly say that CBD is my lifeline. I only wish I had found out about it sooner. It would have made a significant difference in my high anxiety levels, as well as my physical issues. CBD is a cannabis compound without the THC that gives one the feeling of being “stoned.” Studies have shown CBD to be a potential treatment for conditions ranging from arthritis to schizophrenia.

I am not a doctor nor have I done extensive research on CBD. I only know it works for me. Since I started taking it in the form of drops everyday I feel like I am 10 years younger than my 63 years. My joints don’t hurt, and more importantly my racing brain has slowed down to a point where I can focus and sleep at night.

I have had high anxiety levels since I was very young. This led to me being extremely shy and withdrawn, which led to being teased and ignored, which led to feelings of inadequacy.  It wasn’t easy being me.

I learned to be socially correct over the course of years, but I was always uncomfortable in situations that involved speaking to people. My always racing mind would keep me from focusing on conversations and sleeping was pretty much confined to cat naps.

The first time I took CBD I felt my mind shifting almost immediately. For the first time ever I could actually think in a straight line. I know that sounds funny, but it felt like everything I didn’t need to think about was pushed into the back of my mind so that I could focus solely on the task at hand. It was an amazing feeling. And, I also found that I was sleeping at least 5 solid hours a night.

My experience with CBD was backed up by my son’s experience with it also. He is 32 and had been diagnosed with severe anxiety and was on some pretty heavy duty psyche meds. He was going through a very messy divorce and decided to move from Connecticut to Maine. He took up residence in a small cabin on our land. He was a total mess.

He had been drinking and smoking heavily and was trying hard to detox. His anxiety levels were so far through the roof that he had to have minor heart surgery to stop AFIB. He really wanted to get off the psyche drugs because of their zombie like side effects.

I suggested he try CBD. His transformation after he took his first dose was unbelievable. He could think clearly and could sleep through the night as well. As he continued to take CBD his health improved drastically. His physical symptoms started to clear up and he was able to stop drinking and smoking. He got the job of his dreams and started to look forward to his future for the very first time in his life.

We both take 500 milligrams of the oil a day. My son also uses a vape with a CBD cartridge when he starts to feel over-stressed.

I really can’t express how grateful I am to have found CBD for both of us. It has made a huge difference in both of our lives and I consider it to be my daily medication. Neither my son or I have had any side effects from taking CBD. Some people may be sensitive to the oil, but CBD also comes in tablet and low dose oils too.

I am fortunate to live in the grand state of Maine where cannabis is legalized. Even though CBD is not psychoactive, it has been linked to the THC form of cannabis which is psychoactive. I know sometimes when I mention I take CBD people automatically assume I am talking about smoking weed. Although I am not against smoking marijuana, I don’t like the feeling of being high. But, because I do live in a state where cannabis is legalized, there is a lot more information and access to CBD.

All I can say is that it has totally changed my life as well as the life of someone I love dearly. And, that is all the evidence I need.

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The Miracle of CBD
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