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The Lift Expo 2018

Amazing Community Turnout

May 25-27, 2018, the Toronto metro convention centre hosted the Lift & Co expo.  

When arriving to the event you are greeted by smiling faces directing you to the expo entrance up stairs, and then once upstairs, the Lift staff greets you with a floor map as well as a swag bag and smiles.

The expo set up was beyond organized as well as laid out properly. When walking the floor you will notice a main stage for speakers as well as a secondary stage for demos and speakers again. There is also every booth of your dreams ready to inform you about their service and products. 

There was a pitch contest where three companies that had up and coming ideas within the cannabis industry were able to pitch their idea to a panel of judges for the chance of a $5000 investment opportunity from Lift & Co. The winner was Bliss ,who specialized in packaging and patenting the can for cannabis with a three year shelf life. Who could ever go wrong?

There are food vendors available so you do not have to leave the venue for any reason. They were located by the green relief stage and there was ample seating if a rest was needed from all the networking. The water refill station was front and centre in the middle of the venue and med relief was handing out stylish water bottles for the event!! 

The swag at this event was by far first class. I was given 5 hats, 4 shirts, multiple pens, stickers, lighters, rollies, ear buds, a grinder, and samples of plant food, plus so much more.  While walking around, you notice everyone smiling and talking to each other, which was the vibe for the whole weekend: happy and relaxed, which is a warm welcome considering the downtown location! 

The booths varied in items from rosin presses to seed sales, bongs, soaps,  soil alternatives, lighting, marketing, plant care, to CBD products. There were over 200. If you were looking for something you we're bound to find it at the LIFT expo. 

One highlight of the expo was Cody Vangaugh, a skilled joint roller.  This guy can roll anything you can name and is willing to do private sales of his artwork.  Each joint is functioning, which is a delight for photo shoots as well as just showing off to friends.  @roll_with_codyvangogh

MMJ dispensary had a booth set up that looked just like their dispensaries in Hamilton. It was an inviting welcome to see their set up and some familiar faces from the upper James location in attendance. 

The flyte Booth was set up just like an airport with flight attendants and everything. Don't get me wrong,, besides the cuteness, these women were fully knowledgeable about their product and they were a pleasure to speak with.  

The T-VAPE lounge was set up in full force. It was a two sided room, one for demo only and one for trying the pieces out.  I was privileged to visit the try side and was seated at a table with some like-minded kind individuals that were ready to strike up conversations about their medicine of choice! I myself traveled with seven star purple candy butter as well as a fat bud of TUNA KUSH from Mother Earth Medicinal. The only machine I used was for my dry flowers and to be honest it left me feeling lifted for hours. I apologize, but due to good conversation, I do not even remember the unit I used due to it working wonders. 

If you planned on networking, this event was a great place for that; from the multiple vendors there to endorse their products, to the couple sitting next to you in the vape lounge, everyone was ready to exchange contact info as well as give personal insight on booths as well as local Toronto cannabis hot spots.

Some great places to visit once leaving the event are Planet Paradises or the Toronto vape lounge. There is also hot box cafe and for shopping, THC or Friendly Stranger are great for heady glass pieces as well as small accessories.  

I will say that I will re-attend this event and I will also volunteer again, because this allowed me to network within the cannabis community as well as just plain enjoy myself at the event. 

This is some of the swag I was able to take home from Lift 2018.

Me at Lift & Co 2018

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The Lift Expo 2018
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