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The Fun We Had with Weed

Stories About What We Used to Do When We Smoked Weed

I know everyone says you shouldn't smoke marijuana as a kid. It causes brain development issues and all that. Well, we smoked it quite a bit. I will be indulging in some of my memories when I used it. So I first smoked it in the 9th grade. It was okay but it got more fun when summer came around. The first night we ordered pizza and ate the whole thing. At some point, I knocked over my dog's water bowl and had to mop it up. Over the next few years, we would smoke it any chance we could. 

Some summers would consist of smoking and going on these adventures in the country area where we grew up. We would run across fields and walk up trees that had fallen down, going in abandoned buildings, swimming at the beach, and jumping off the boat out in the water. It is so much fun when you do not have a worry in the world. No job tying you down, no responsibilities, and no bills to pay. It was a teenage wasteland and I loved it.

A lot of the time we would stay home from school, and in the evening the auto-dialer that calls home after you missed a class would ring to your home. We would sit by the phone and grab it before our parents could catch on to it. I think there was one time when we stayed home for like a week doing this. It was funny and a little reckless. This one time we built a fort out in the woods behind my friend's house. It wasn't anything special but it protected us against the elements. I heard a story about that shrine being burnt down one day. I wasn't involved this one time but it was kind of a bummer that it was no longer there.

A little while back outside my home there was an old abandoned car, I believe it was a Volvo. This was one of our smoke spots. We would hotbox it and by the time we were done, we were so high. A lot of the time we would get high go back home and play Halo multiplayer online. This one time it was a really hot day and my mom and her boyfriend were outside working on the deck. We smoked and got so high. I wanted to go play Xbox but my friend said he was too high. We went back and the deck was mid built. We walked up past my mom. I couldn't tell you what was said. I was just trying to get into the house without getting caught. My friend walks up, places his hand on the mid built deck, and the wood just falls off and makes this loud plunk sound. Could it be any more obvious how stoned we were?

I recommend getting some of these experiences if you have the chance. It may seem overwhelming smoking it at first. But just try a little bit at first and work your way up to larger amounts. We would smoke the smallest amount, like the size of a fingernail, and we would get high, but this was when we first started.  After a while, you like the feeling you get when you used it.

It is way better when the sun is shining, you have all of your financial obligations taken care of, and do not have work. I plan on smoking some pot and going on adventures with friendly people—it's a blast. I hope this post enlightened you and you have an excellent year.

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The Fun We Had with Weed
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