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The Different Ways to Smoke Weed

I will be talking about multiple forms of smoking, and as a veteran smoker, I have refined my definitions.

Micro lens on bud

Let's start with something everyone will know even if they don't use it. 

The joint, a classic, has been a favorite among older smokers who do not have the lungs for anything. It is well balanced, can be slow on the uptake but it is still effective, and great for one or two person/s. People say that this and the blunt waste smoke and while yes it can if you are by yourself, with that said the more people, the less wasted. Speaking of blunts I think it would be good to segue into that topic. 

Blunts, a staple for groups and parties. I have met plenty of stoners who don't like them simply because of taste but this isn't the case. Every wrap interacts differently with every strain of bud, it's a matter of experimenting. A classic pairing would be blueberry or strawberry with anything fruity. Easier to roll than a joint simply because it's thicker, personally I roll half hand broken and half ground. This provides a full bodied flavor while slowing the burn. Now I think I should cover pieces, from bongs and bubblers to dab rigs or pipes, there are so many to cover so they will be summarized shorter than blunt or joint. 

The bong, this is for true weed lovers, you want to really taste it and get the most out of every hit. There are so many types from a simple water pipe to percolator or recycled. Each have different effects but I will cover these three in order. Water pipes are what you think of when you hear bong as it's what's used in movies and such, very harsh hitting but will up your lung power exponentially. Now percolators are almost like the water pipe but there are more chambers to go throughout, making the overall hit smoother. Recyclers on the other hand well they do as said, recycle, what I mean with that is as you draw on your cycler the smoke almost loops to give a milkier hit, to me it tastes like stale smoke but quite effective. Gravity bongs or the DTI bong, this will fuck you right up with the least amount of weed and will give a head rush if made large enough. Dab rigs are usually percolators or recyclers but the bowl is made for dabbing. For the final glass I will cover will be pipes. 

There are so many types of pipes it's crazy. Chill-ems, you stick in the freezer for a cold smooth hit, but seems to lose flavour. Bowls or pipes are just elongated glass with a bowl on top and a carb, this allows you to take the smoke in all at once but can cause an unexpected harsh hit. Bubblers are like a tobacco pipe with an extra chamber for water, filtering the heat out. 

I do hope you didn't think I was done there is one last thing I need to cover, dugouts and one-hitters. This is probably the best way to conserve weed but do make sure if you buy a dugout not to get the all metal one for they get super hot super quick. Not to much else to say about them besides they are a good investment for "nature walks."

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Blunt King
Blunt King

I'm simply known as the wizard for I make magic happen

North America, U. S. 

I'm 18 with brain damage so do forgive me if I'm slow on the uptake or forgetful

Choice of medium: blunts

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The Different Ways to Smoke Weed
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