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The Day I Lost My Virginity...

Popping Your Green Cherry

In High Places: [07/03/2017]

I’ll never forget the “true” day I popped my glorious green cherry. One good toke followed by what seemed to be the harshest and longest cough of my life was all it took.

These days, virginity is less of a concern than losing one’s phone. However, when I was ripening, it was something I held onto with a tight grip …well, until I met Harrison.

I grew up in a country home, not a farm but surrounded by them and the only other people who chose privacy over convenience in town. Being in that setting, my peers were few and far between, making my immediate family and myself the only people shaping my upbringing. Cannabis was never a topic of discussion in our household, amongst many other things I grew to learn with age and awareness, but those are topics for other days.

I remember rejecting him countless times on his advances. Always strongly holding to my stubborn beliefs. However, when someone begins to show you aspects of a world you’ve never entered…you get curious.

Like Edmund entering the wardrobe, I opened a door and just found myself there. In a world of glistening shapes and colors. Where unicorns ate pizza and shit ice cream. It was a peaceful oasis of all my hopes and dreams.

Actually… my first time was nothing like that.

The long brown colored glass pipe he handed me looked like a dirty dick clogged with brown and black shit. I had no idea how to use it and he kept telling me to hit it harder. I took what I thought was a hit only to learn I didn’t inhale. Then I was pressured into doing it again came the biggest cough of my entire life! It was like I couldn’t breathe at all and my body wanted to throw up and piss my pants all at once. Once I finally ended that terrible hacking of my lungs, it took maybe 15 minutes for me to start freaking out. I felt trapped in an endless loop. I repeatedly kept checking the time to only see minutes pass that felt like hours. My mind played tricks on me, providing me with crazy vibes of de ja vu.

Bottom line, I fucking hated it. I told him never again and weed was not for me. I’ll never forget the almost evil look in his eye as he laughed in disbelief telling me “Baby, it was your first time. Next time, I’ll take it nice and easy on you making sure we don’t hurt that pretty little throat of yours.” Like a moth to a flame, I was magnetized.

The good news is popping your weed cherry can be much like other lost virginities, better with practice. The more I educated myself and he educated me on the culture, medicinal benefits, history, the list goes on and on, the more grateful I became to Harrison. He showed me a world worth fighting for and being a part of. Not only that, he gave me the cure to the toxic poisons in my life. I’ll never be able to thank him enough. As my life progresses, I see others who refuse to even take that first step into the wardrobe, let alone those who refuse to even consider its reality, and I hope for them that one day someone will guide them as well.

We live in a poisoned world with our best cure being pushed away from us. 

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The Day I Lost My Virginity...
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