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The Art of Weedstagram

Creating and publicizing the perfect weed themed Instagram.

Instagram account @suuuper.high.meee

As Marijuana becomes a more popular topic lately people want to "feel cool," by creating their own cannabis-themed Instagram page. Where they can show off their beautiful buds or cannabis inspired artwork. These Instagram accounts give you the chance to connect with other marijuana enthusiasts. Sounds easy enough and as a matter of fact, it is! Here are a few tips on how to make your account blossom:

Always keep the account open for others to see. When the account is set to private it limits who can see what is posted. This leaves little interaction with the account and others. The more interaction the page has with others the more traffic your personal page will have. Once the account has the goal amount of followers then it is alright to have a private account. When others see a lot of people follow your page they will be curious and choose to follow you. This is one tip that people often overlook and set the account to private right away leaving them to wonder why others are not following.

If getting those numbers up is a goal the trick is hashtags! Some people are against hashtags and try not to use them when in reality they can create the most buzz on the account. (Pun intended.) Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy scrolling through certain hashtags to browse all the different buds. Make the hashtags relatable to the post while keeping in the more common ones such as #weedstagram and #420. This is also where you can create hashtags of your own creating a little humor since most of us like to laugh.

Make it about the cannabis. Talk about the issues that are surrounding the cannabis culture, for example, if it is legal in your state, or how it helps with mental or chronic illnesses. Do not just make it about how you smoke. When the account can relate to serious matters it will draw more people in and creates debates and discussions on a topic that they love. Some accounts can even teach you grow tips and tricks.

Advertising! There are many accounts about Marijuana that promote clothing, glass shops and more. Do not be afraid to advertise a page that is promoting clothing, glass or bud in general. Make sure to always give credit to the original author because some accounts will comment on posts saying thank you! This can create more people to stop and like the post or comment.

Interact with others. This is very important and some people don't think about it but when an account comments on another's post some people who go through comments can see what you say and if it is clever or something that they can relate to, often they will go to the profile and check out the page.

The last tip is to be funny and be yourself!

It takes time to get a growing followers list on Instagram and it takes a bit of work but if you take time to really get your page going, there is no doubt that you will have one of the most lit profiles on Instagram. Never get discouraged, even when people are negative on your page. Just remember you can always delete comments but, most people in the cannabis culture will have your back and support you. Just give us a minute.

I really hope that these tips for a marijuana enthusiasts dream Instagram account really help and I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Put in the work and receive feedback from others. Good luck!

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The Art of Weedstagram
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