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The 10 Best Bubblers You Can Buy on Amazon

Some people don't know that there is an extensive selection of bubblers you can buy on Amazon. From stand up bubblers to glass pipes, Amazon has a lot of options for smokers to accommodate all of their needs.

You might be surprised at the amount of bubblers you can buy on Amazon. You don't need to run off to get a new one from your nearest smoke shop, which might not be very near at all. There are so many great options in weed pipes that they sell on Amazon, because technically, these glass pipes can be used for basic tobacco as well as marijuana, so they aren’t illegal to sell. They also sell other paraphernalia items, such as stash boxes and grinders, but the bubbler selection is extensive and each one provides a different look, so you can create a collection at home if you wish.

Glass Water Big Chamber Bub Five and a Half Inches Light Red Pattern by US Device

This bubbler has a really unique design. It has a slightly transparent red pattern, and it is made of glass. The glass pipe has a big chamber for water and a five and a half inch pipe that is curved on the top. You can buy this weed pipe for a reasonable price at only $27.99, and it will be a really cool addition to your collection of bubblers at home. This bubbler is easily portable and will be a great way to smoke and relax with friends.

Glass Water Hammer Bub Five Inch Yellow by US Device

If you want to find one of the bubblers you can buy on Amazon that is shaped more like a pipe than a stand up chamber, this yellow fumed smoking device is a great choice. This glass pipe is only $12.99 and includes a five inch pipe with a small glass water device at the end. Unlike the one above where you have to remove the top as you inhale, this one just requires moving your finger.

Glass Water Big Chamber Bub Five Inch Light Blue Pattern by Puff Labs

A cool combination of the two above is this stand up glass pipe in a light blue pattern. The color combination is perfect for summer, it's just like the ocean. It has a big water chamber, a five inch glass pipe tunnel, and yet you don’t have to pick up the top piece when you inhale. This makes it really convenient for smoking marijuana or other tobacco products. If you're still debating between weed pipes, this one wins for the price, it's only $15.49 on Amazon.

Blue Oil Bub Clear Glass Water Device Eight Inch by US Device

This bubbler will stand up on the table on its own. The simple design makes it easy to clean, so it's absolutely smell proof. This one has a very large glass water chamber to accumulate smoke, and it also has a long 8 inch glass pipe. The glass is 4mm in thickness, so you know this will be a sturdy bubbler. Another great thing about this bubbler is the price. It is only $21.29 on Amazon.

Hand Dino Glass Device Five and a Half Inch Multicolored Drops by EPIC

This is a super cool bubbler because it’s shaped like a dinosaur. You smoke out of the dinosaur’s mouth and it also has a five and a half inch glass pipe. The body of the dinosaur is a small glass water chamber. Just look at that big smile on his face! This small, portable, and decorative bubbler will be a great addition to any smoker’s pipe collection. It's small enough to be easily hidden along with your stash boxes. At only $25.99, it’s a steal!

Glass Water Bub Six and a Half Inch Red Green Yellow Coil by Puff Labs

This is another one of the bubblers you can buy on Amazon which stands up on the table. This one looks similar to a chemistry vile, which makes it pretty cool. It has a very large, wide glass water chamber on the bottom and a six and a half inch glass pipe tunnel to smoke out of. It comes with a removable piece that you pull out of the top while inhaling. This piece comes at a great deal of only $15.99.

Six and a Third Inch Long Pipe by DZH

If you want something a little more psychedelic, this orange weed pipe might be perfect. Glass pipes are a great option, because they can be easily cleaned and are virtually smell proof. This one is six and a third inches long and has a good-sized area on the bottom for packing weed or tobacco. It is portable, yet large enough to hold more than your average bowl. It is priced at $14.20. It's stylish and it's a good way to class up your smoke sesh.

Water Hand Glass Elephant Device Five Inch Blue Coil by EPIC

Out all of all the weed pipes you could buy...why not get an animal-shaped one? Another more decorative glass piece is this elephant device, which comes in at five inches and is small, yet has a good sized bulb on the bottom for water. It can easily be held and smoked in one hand, which makes it very convenient. The elephant shape also makes it a great addition for any collection. It is priced at $16.49, which is very reasonable for this creative piece. This is also a fun one in case you're looking for Christmas gifts for your favorite stoner, or a gift for any occasion. How many people have an elephant glass pipe?

Glass Tube Handmade Four-Twenty Inch Pipe by TOSST

This glass tube pipe is one of the best bubblers you can buy on Amazon, because it is small enough to fit in your hand, yet it is effective. This one is rainbow colored and has a..."four twenty" inch glass pipe. Who doesn't appreciate the irony of that length? It has a great filtering effect, and it is made of sturdy glass so it should last a long time. This pipe is priced at only $14.84 plus free shipping. If you need something particularly small to tuck away with your stash boxes, this is the right one for you.

Home Crafts Glass Hammer by Houkemos

This is one of the bubblers on Amazon which is more unique. It is clear glass and comes in a basic 90-degree angle shape. However, this pipe is interesting, because it has a removable piece for smoking, and can be disassembled for storage and easy cleaning. This might be a great bubbler for anyone who travels a lot and wants to be able to stow away their pipe with ease. It's great for relaxing on the go.

If you want a little more relaxed with any of these glass pipes, you can also try cannabis-infused meditation.

You may not have realized all of the different bubblers you can buy on Amazon, but there are a variety of options to choose from at reasonable prices. There are plenty of glass pipes with different designs, so you can get whatever appeals to you most. You can probably even grab one in your favorite color. Go see for yourself and pick out your favorite! Happy smoking.

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