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Potent Staff3 years ago
Best Jazz Songs To Smoke Weed To
The perception of time, altered by marijuana, and the acute sensitivity to sound caused by THC, is part of the connection between jazz and weed. Cannabis helps some musicians to improvise by increasin...
Johnny Hash3 years ago
Tripping Through the Beatnik Generation
Straight from my uncle's journal is a summary of his thoughts while tripping through the Beatnik Generation. From his perspective the roots of Pop Culture can be traced back to the post WWII Beatnik M...
AC Glover3 years ago
Cannabis Products that Aren't Edible 
When it comes to marijuana, the first thing everybody thinks about is smoking, whether that’s rolling up a fat joint or doing huge bong rips. After smoking or vaporizing, most people think about brown...
Randy Cobern3 years ago
San Francisco's Marijuana Supermarket 
Okay, I confess. I was once a customer at the once famous San Francisco Big Top marijuana supermarket. I wasn't the only one. At east 5000 or 6000 other people in San Francisco could make the same cla...