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Reviews of the best pot products in the budding industry.

Ami Roach2 years ago
How to Prepare Kava Kava
Found on South Pacific islands, Kava has acted as a sedative for islanders. Used in religious ceremonies and for medical treatment, Kava has a similar impact on brain waves the way certain medicinal s...
George Gott2 years ago
Best Cannabis Edibles
Let's get real here: you smoke joints, you get high. You like it but sometimes that good feeling either doesn't last long or it's the same old same old. Well did you ever know that eating pot will get...
Sigmund Fried2 years ago
Indica Strains in the 19th Century
First documented trip was in 1884. Dr. Frank Dudley Beane detailed every, physical and emotional, thought and feeling of being on the hallucinogen. He was researching marijuana Indica strains. Born in...
Hydro Wilson2 years ago
Weed Buyer's Guide
Smoking good weed is like having good sex. If you want to be more sensual, employ more of your senses. Likewise with the evil weed-you must see, smell, touch and taste, even listen (not to the marijua...
George Gott2 years ago
Best Weed Processing Accessories
Every red-blooded, weed-smoking American runs into the same problem before rolling a joint or filling a pipe from a new stash: 'How am I going to clean this stuff?' Cleaning methods vary in the speed ...
Wendy Weedler3 years ago
Best Hemp Beauty Products
The trend of utilizing hemp in beauty and skincare products has steadily increased throughout the past few years. With many areas of the United States reducing the restrictions on cannabis, businesses...