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Author Believes Marijuana Legalization Should Proceed Carefully

Rich Monetti
in Culture

Marijuana legalization can engender an image of the drug’s laid back disciples who will tend their little plots around daily smokes circles, while lamenting the loss of the counterculture. Then waitin...

Best Stoner Reggae Songs

Ray Shikinami
in Culture

When it comes to stoners, one stereotype is that they love reggae. Perhaps that's just because there is nothing better to listen to while high than a good reggae song. The rhythm is enough to pull you...

Literature and Marijuana: Counter-Culture History Through the Years

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

America's literary counter-culture movement began after the Mexican Revolution in 1910, when those to our South came northward, and, in turn, brought their natural relaxant with them: marijuana. Grant...

Old Stoner Stereotypes That Are Fading (and Why)

Shinji Kazuma
in Culture

Stoner stereotypes have existed since the beginning of the subculture. Back in the early 30s, Reefer Madness forewarned that, if you smoked pot, you—yes, you, straight-laced perfect child—will turn in...

Places In New York City To Get Stoned

Ed Green
in Culture

What to do in New York City with some weed to burn, some gummy bears to chew, and a stoner's curiosity? There is no single answer. For as many strains as the mind can imagine there are an equal amount...

Relationship Between Weed and Music

Gus Welch
in Science

Getting stoned and putting on some songs may be a stoner stereotype, but the observant cannabis user will know that there’s just something different about music when you’re high. So what’s the relatio...

Olympians Who Support Weed

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

While states in the US are legalizing marijuana use, it still retains its illegality in many countries and in many states in the US. This, however, hasn’t stopped plenty of Olympic athletes from speak...

Hottest Girls Who Smoke Weed

Johnny Hash
in Beauty

As marijuana legalization spreads throughout the nation, more and more people are willing to admit they love weed, and more and more of those people seem to be competing in a hottest girls who smoke weed competition. The combination of legalization and social media has opened up a whole new world where you can see beautiful buds and dank women all on one screen. There’s no reason to wait any longer, let's check out the hottest girls who smoke weed.

Best Weed Snapchats to Follow

Danielle Banner
in Entertainment

Have you ever wondered, what are the best weed snapchats I should be following? If you have, it would make a great deal of sense given the increasingly interconnected world we live in and the fact tha...

'Easy Rider' Review

Mike Mavenful
in Entertainment

The first five minutes of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider is so perfect that at the end of it you feel like you had watched a whole movie. By the time the music kicks in, "The Pusher" from Steppenwolf, you...

Who Was Allen Ginsberg?

Wendy Weedler
in Buyer's Guide

As a poet, Allen Ginsberg was able to relate his feelings on being homosexual and a marijuana smoker in his poetry, achieving the status of an almost mystic figure. He had an intense spiritual life an...

Alcoholics Anonymous Rejects Medical Marijuana, Almost Supported LSD, and How Joe Rogan Could Have Clipped My Nuts

Mike Adams
in Culture

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk, typing away at yet another shit stirring story over the perils of marijuana prohibition, when I received a Twitter notice from one of my readers claiming that...

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics

Warren Bobrow
in Buyer's Guide

My name is Warren Bobrow. I have a successful career as a brand ambassador for a boutique rum brand, so why would I go and write a book about Cannabis? Quite possibly because no one has written a book...

Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Hydro Wilson
in Buyer's Guide

It is that time of year again to indulge in the latest and greatest stoner stocking stuffers! The holidays have finally arrived and the stress of shopping will soon kick in. Whether you are on the sea...

What Is the Origin of 4/20?

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

4/20 – The major cannabis holiday. We all know about the day, the number, and the time – but how exactly did it come to be? Today we’ll be peering back into history to discover the real origin behind ...

The Four-Twenty Games... Yep, They're Real

Anne St. Marie
in Culture

If you picture what a ‘420 Games’ would look like, let’s get real ---- you’re not picturing pillars of athletic prowess. No, dedicated pot users are far more often stereotyped as out-of-shape basement...