From cookbooks to ebooks, potent literature showcases the best and budding in the marijuana book industry.

cameron mcdonald5 months ago
Maria and Mary
I opened my eyes that morning to two of the most beautiful things, Maria and Mary. Maria was still sleeping. Mary, on the other hand, had been up all night waiting for me. She was always there for me,...
Frank White8 months ago
Who Was Fitz Hugh Ludlow?
I was never particularly interested in 19th-century literature. There were so many things our English teachers didn't tell us, especially when it came to the counterculture underground books of the Vi...
Anthony Gramuglia9 months ago
Literature and Marijuana: Counter-Culture History Through the Years
America's literary counter-culture movement began after the Mexican Revolution in 1910, when those to our South came northward, and, in turn, brought their natural relaxant with them: marijuana. Grant...
Natasha Sydora year ago
Interview with 'Ganjaman' Creator Jim Stewart
Ganjaman is a superhero of an atypical strain, but a superhero nonetheless; this part-cannabis plant, part-human dynamo has been fighting "for the rights of tokers" since UK based creator Jim Stewart ...
Sigmund Frieda year ago
'Marijuana Potency' and 'The Great Book of Hashish'
Everyone fashions themselves a weed aficionado these days. I'm like "Dude, enough. We can all go to Leafly." But I personally like to keep it old school and collect my cannabis culture books. This has...
Frank Whitea year ago
Ishmael Reed's Civil War Slavery Novel 'Flight To Canada'
In an era where racial tensions have risen and the country seems more divided than it has been since the 1960's on issues of racial divide, immigration and the lost white middle class, Flight to Canad...
Wendy Weedlera year ago
Man in the Mountain
The Rasta kissed his wife and children good-bye and started walking up the mountain path. After several hours, he came to a cavern and slid down the rope hanging over the side. About 30 feet down was ...
Ami Roacha year ago
Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hasheesh Eater
I used to think 19th century literature was a drag. There were so many things our English teachers didn't tell us, - especially when it came to the great dope and sex underground books of the Victoria...