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Izzy Erlich3 years ago
Top Movies to Watch Stoned
What to watch when you’re stoned is as complicated as which strain of marijuana best suits your personality, or what your favorite color is. It’s a personal thing. Depends on the type of day you’re ha...
Johnny Hash3 years ago
Top Stoner TV Shows
TV and weed are a marriage made in heaven. Entertaining without being too demanding and available literally everywhere, television is the easiest way to kill a few hazy hours. It’s only natural that s...
Danielle Banner3 years ago
Ultimate Rolling Paper Guide
There are more people smoking more weed now than ever before. Most of that product is being smoked by all sorts of great new tech like the Pax or the G-Pen. But the classic rolled joint will never go ...
Johnny Hash3 years ago
Top Guest Stars on 'Weeds'
Possibly the only show dedicated to marijuana, Weeds had a solid run on Showtime from 2005 to 2012. Within its 8 seasons, there were many guest stars who came and went faster than it would take you to...
Hydro Wilson3 years ago
Best Smoking Accessories
Most of what makes smoking marijuana so pleasurable for people is that they have the necessary items to engage in the act of smoking it. One of the best protections against disappointment with smoking...