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Sheera Lee2 years ago
33 Incredible Marijuana Statistics
I am always amazed by the staggering statistics of the cannabis industry. As more states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana sales and usage, I thought I would take a look at the latest ...
Kevin Boyle2 years ago
Most Psychedelic Movies of All Time
In order to count as a psychedelic movie, a film must have an abundance of strange visuals, a simple story told in a complex way, and it has to hurt your head the first time you watch it. So without f...
Frank White2 years ago
Classic Sci-Fi TV Series for Sci-High Bingeing
Philo Fransworth didn’t know it at the time, but the years he spent avoiding electric shock have been very, very good to science fiction. Farnsworth--who came up with the rough idea of broadcast telev...
Frank White2 years ago
Best Greco-Roman Action Films to Watch Stoned
There are several movies, stoned or otherwise, that everyone just loves to watch--and Greco-Roman films, while maybe not the first choice for your action film viewing pleasure, remain some of the cool...
Ray Shikinami2 years ago
Best Stoner Reggae Songs
When it comes to stoners, one stereotype is that they love reggae. Perhaps that's just because there is nothing better to listen to while high than a good reggae song. The rhythm is enough to pull you...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
Healthiest Ways to Smoke Weed
I love weed. Smoking a delicious blunt of Cannabis Cup ganja is my idea of a great beginning to a night out. I love the sweet taste it gives, the sudden onset of mellow vibes, and the many, many night...
Mitch Curran2 years ago
Clever Weed Containers
It is better to be safe than sorry, which is why it is always very important to keep your stash in a clever weed container! There are hundreds of amazing items which look like your normal day to day p...
Ray Shikinami2 years ago
Most Potent Chocolate Edibles
Weed and food have always gone hand in hand, but potent chocolate edibles tend to be the most common variety of potent edible people consume. Many a college party kick into high gear once the pot brow...
Johnny Hash2 years ago
Gas Mask Bongs for Cannabis Connoisseurs
Gas masks and bongs are two favorite methods that heavy-duty tokers use to elevate themselves to the outer limits of their mind. It was only natural that someone somewhere would combine both ideas, wh...
Shinji Kazuma2 years ago
Old Stoner Stereotypes That Are Fading (and Why)
Stoner stereotypes have existed since the beginning of the subculture. Back in the early 30s, Reefer Madness forewarned that, if you smoked pot, you—yes, you, straight-laced perfect child—will turn in...
Ed Green2 years ago
Places In New York City To Get Stoned
What to do in New York City with some weed to burn, some gummy bears to chew, and a stoner's curiosity? There is no single answer. For as many strains as the mind can imagine there are an equal amount...
Johnny Hash2 years ago
Best Movies To Watch High
The best movies to watch high aren’t necessarily well-made. In fact, sometimes the funniest movies to watch in that state of mind can be really bad ones. The silly sense of humor that often accompanies pot consumption will make you laugh for hours just because of the stupidity of the film. So what are the best movies to watch high? Read on to find out.
Hydro Wilson2 years ago
Are You Pissing Off Your Dealer?
You know, a weed dealer can have their faults, like not answering your calls, having seeds and stems in your stash, not using a scale to measure your weed, and the jaw-dropping, untimely cannabis drou...
Mitch Curran2 years ago
Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Coffee
Can you think of anything better to add to your coffee for a relaxing start to your day than cannabis? Me neither. Coffee is the first stop that many people make after getting up in the morning. It ge...
Johnny Hash2 years ago
Things to Avoid During a Smoke Sesh
There is nothing better than finding a free night to relax with a few friends and share a joint and some laughs. But having the perfect session involves preparing the right crew and creating the perfe...
Wendy Weedler2 years ago
Medical Marijuana Strains for Common Conditions
In recent years, new legislation has allowed vast, fast growth of medical marijuana strains throughout the country. Currently, over half of the United States has legalized medicinal cannabis in varyin...
Ami Roach2 years ago
Benefits of Medical Marijuana
Let’s talk about the benefits of medical marijuana. As the decriminalization of medical cannabis continues to sweep across the United States, it is becoming accessible to more and more people. While t...
Sigmund Fried2 years ago
Ways to Ingest Marijuana and Their Affects on You
The recent wave of change regarding marijuana legalization has resulted in the testing of many different ways to consume marijuana. However, many people don’t know the difference between the various w...