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Revolutionary industry developments in cannabis culture.

What You Need to Know About Las Vegas and Marijuana

Zach Foster
in Buyer's Guide

Many leading successful entrepreneurs--the multi-millionaires whose books and seminars people pay a ton of money for--all say you should get paid to do what you enjoy so your money works for you inste...

Differences Between Eating and Smoking Weed

Bobby Jones
in Science

Have you ever wondered "What are the differences between eating and smoking weed?" Everyone knows that weed gets you high. However, with the recent sweeping changes in marijuana laws in different part...

Interview with James Thomas of Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

Willie's Reserve
in Culture

Why Cannabis? I have always felt Cannabis was unfairly condemned by the government as well as liquor and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists. After all, this is just a plant we are talking about. We are...

Cannabis Monday: Medical Sesh

Erica Fuller
in Culture

“In strict medical terms, marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to ...

Are You Pissing Off Your Dealer?

Hydro Wilson
in Culture

You know, a weed dealer can have their faults, like not answering your calls, having seeds and stems in your stash, not using a scale to measure your weed, and the jaw-dropping, untimely cannabis drou...

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Ami Roach
in Science

Let’s talk about the benefits of medical marijuana. As the decriminalization of medical cannabis continues to sweep across the United States, it is becoming accessible to more and more people. While t...

Benefits of CBD Oil

Aunt Mary
in Science

Until recently, the study of the positive effects of marijuana has been relatively overlooked, as have the benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Besides the still-evident stigmatization of cannabis, specific government legislation and funding constraints have made it all the more difficult for scientists to focus on CBD research. It is only more recently that the medical field has started to realize the potential for cannabinoids to cure diseases, relie...

Cannabis and Native Americans

Hyapatia Lee
in Culture

Native Americans have always respected and used “teaching plants.” By far the most commonly used and most beneficial plant is cannabis or marijuana. Whether it was smoked or eaten, its use has been ve...

Best Video Games to Play Stoned

Patricia Sarkar
in Entertainment

In life, we should always strive for the best of everything: the best car, the best partner, the best job, and the best video games to play stoned. Full of action, mystery, challenge, and fun, the bes...

Best Marijuana Documentaries

Ed Green
in Entertainment

In the past few years, marijuana use has exploded, particularly in North America. With increased use and legalization, there has been an incredible amount of conversation, information, and misinformat...

How to Become a Budtender

Hydro Wilson
in Culture

Never underestimate what it takes to become a budtender because it's not as easy as smoking a joint. When it comes to budtenders, cannabis isn't recreational, it's healing. After interpreting the foll...

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Potent Staff
in Science

What are cannabis concentrates? Broadly speaking, a concentrate is anything that is made up of compounds extracted from marijuana, usually either THC or CBD. There are many different methods of extraction and each one results in a different product. The starting material can also influence what specific product is produced. Concentrates are appealing to those who are looking for a stronger effect or high. It is also desirable for those who are looking for efficiency with their consumption, as a ...

Best Designed Cannabis Packaging

Justin Maury
in Beauty

There was a time when weed commerce was all about the goods: no frills required. If a dealer was reliable, readily available and sold good product, that was more than enough for a customer to go throu...

Rise and Fall of Cannabis Culture in Amsterdam

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

Years ago, if you imagined a place that embraces unrestricted self-expression, a place unencumbered by narrow-minded norms and conservative legislation, what might have instantly popped into your mind...

Marijuana Growing FAQ

Johnny Hash
in Science

Once again I find myself answering a slew of questions that readers are asking Potent staff about all things cannabis. I am always fascinated by the questions. With all the possible answers one can lo...

Magic Mushrooms FAQ

Johnny Hash
in Science

Though I generally deal with the questions regarding ganjacation, Potent staff put me up to the test of answering the emails received regarding those wonderful magic mushrooms. Turns out I know more t...