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Nicola Morrisona month ago
How Magic Mushrooms Allowed Me to Get Over My Ex
A quick Google search will tell you that magic mushrooms are a known, yet (rather absurdly) illegal, anti-depressant. To quote a headline from The Metro, magic mushrooms, "do in 30 seconds what anti-d...
Kimberly Miller2 months ago
Why the Rise in Marijuana Moms?
As I was going through my morning emails today, a subject line caught my attention. It read:Possible Story - Why The Rise in Marijuana Moms? Okay, I'm intrigued. So I open it and begin to read. (For p...
Richard Huffman2 months ago
My Life of Seclusion with My Wife, Dog & Cat, and Medical Marijuana!
So, Vocal Culture emailed me to say that I had five drafts, but I like to think ahead of myself and have stories formulate in my mind ahead of time, and I start with a title and the picture. And, basi...
Aunt Mary2 months ago
Pot and Parenting
Marijuana is now, for the most part, mainstream. But there is still work to be done. Over the next few years, we should expect the self-righteous folk, who feel smoking pot is still socially unaccepta...
Les Fleming2 months ago
How I Met Myself
It was the first time I had ever taken what Terrence McKenna had called a heroic dose. Five dried grams of premium psilocybin mushrooms. I was not prepared.
Sierra Imhoff2 months ago
How Cannabis Made Me a Better Mom
Growing up, I thought the same thing about "stoner moms" that most people seem to believe. They're lazy, unmotivated, and selfish. I thought that pretty much any parent that smoked marijuana was incap...
Parag Patel2 months ago
Does Marijuana Make You Lazy?
2017 is a big year for anyone concerned about marijuana. It may well be the breakthrough year, the time when the fight to decriminalize the up-to-now “evil" weed turns the corner. Lengthy and exhausti...
Mickey Finn2 months ago
Weed vs Alcohol Effects
I just wanted to put down some thoughts about the differences between being high and being drunk. I am not a medical professional, or a biologist, so this is just amateur philosophy in layman’s terms....
Richard Huffman2 months ago
Home is Where the Weed Belongs!
So! Put good weed in, and get a great, healthy feeling out! Disrespect cannabis, and beware my wrath! Reach out and embrace cannabis and cannabinoids! They really do what I'm telling you... cannabinoi...
Di Va3 months ago
My Girl
I said goodbye to an old friend tonight. It’s the best and the worst friend I have ever had. Tonight was our last dance. Our last hurrah. Our last romp, if you will. But I had to let her go. Funny how...
Sarah Samedi3 months ago
My Life with Marijuana
To be perfectly honest, I’ve smoked marijuana since July 31st of 1995. We sat on the edge of the escarpment, looking over the downtown of my city, and passed a joint back and forth. It was my girlfrie...
Zeena Nackerdien3 months ago
A Brief History of Pot
Gateway drug or non-addictive medical panacea? The pot debate has continued to stoke the passions of recreational and medicinal users and their opponents for millennia. While the fate of marijuana leg...
Carlos Wilson3 months ago
An Account of Cannabis Banking
What a strange time to be a bank. As a trusted institution, you want to support your friends peddling an amazing life changing medicine locally, but federally it's been written off as black magic sure...
Skunk Uzeki3 months ago
Can Weed End the Heroin Epidemic?
The heroin epidemic in America has reached devastating proportions. The New York Times recently reported that drug deaths are rising faster than ever before. The story claimed that in 2016, between 59...
Riley Reese3 months ago
Ways to Treat PMS with Cannabis
Cannabis seems to be a cure for everything—depression, anxiety, pain from cancer treatments, and even anorexia. As research continues to pile on the many benefits of medical marijuana, more symptoms t...
Michael Thielmann3 months ago
A Look at Weed: Want or Need?
In talking about the controversies around cannabis, I am going to put myself out there and be as vulnerable, honest, and direct as possible. As a teenager, I began experimenting with pot at the age of...
cameron mcdonald3 months ago
Maria and Mary
I opened my eyes that morning to two of the most beautiful things, Maria and Mary. Maria was still sleeping. Mary, on the other hand, had been up all night waiting for me. She was always there for me,...
Frank Bursese4 months ago
The War on Drugs: A Failed Policy
For as long as humans have walked the Earth, people have taken drugs for everything from religious ceremonies to medical purposes, and sometimes simply for their intoxicating effects. Despite their lo...