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Instructing you how to make and create your favorite meals, items, and products in the marijuana culture.

Sigmund Fried3 years ago
Growing Sweet Sensimilla Bud
Up in the misty canyons of the Sierra Nevada, the word is sinsemilla. The pot that’s hand-tended and carefully watched through the growing season is the finest domestic smoke you can find, if you can ...
Sigmund Fried3 years ago
How to Make Hash Oil
Ever since marijuana was first discovered, cultivated, and ingested a few thousand years ago, people have strived to find stronger and more concentrated forms of the drug. Hash is one such potent prep...
Ed Green3 years ago
Growing Your Own Marijuana
In most, if not all, parts of the country, that is. If you followed proper advice, which is based upon many years of experience and experimentation in both city roof and country farm gardening, you sh...
Emily McCay3 years ago
Ultimate Rolling Paper Guide
There are more people smoking more weed now than ever before. Most of that product is being smoked by all sorts of great new tech like the Pax or the G-Pen. But the classic rolled joint will never go ...
Ed Green3 years ago
How to Grow Potent Marijuana
There are two ways to grow cannabis sativa indoors. You guessed it—a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to throw a handful of seeds into a garbage can full of local dirt in a foil-lined close...