All about Marijuana and Health.

Skunk Uzekia year ago
Effects of Smoking Weed on Your Period
Mary Jane has definitely proven itself to be a great ally for women. Both genders get to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana, but it seems like women, in particular, tend to be way more affected i...
Hum Lima year ago
5 Top Drinks for Cotton Mouth
You ever question what is best to drink while high? Well I have made a list of my top 5 favorites followed by some bonus ones for those over age 21: please check them out! You can NEVER beat water. I'...
Alfred Taerza year ago
Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis
Like a newly rendered version of the ancient "tea break," microdosing only recently began to sweep across the culture of marijuana consumption, delivering a newfound method of not only getting you hig...
Elli Weavera year ago
Marijuana as Medicine
Noa Shulman is sitting at her dinner table after a long day of high school. She is eating one of her favorite snacks, mashed sweet potatoes, at the table with her mother. She begins to scream and bite...
Leslie Kahna year ago
Kathleen DeCaneva: How Cannabis Saved My Life
Today's "Medical Cannabis Success Story" is brought to you by my new friend, fellow massage therapist, and cannabis activist, Kathleen Callahan DeCaneva. Kathleen and I met on Facebook over a year ago...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
Medical Conditions that Edibles Can Help Treat
Medical marijuana's benefits are many, and that's a large part of the reason why the green boom is happening. With state after state rolling back laws banning the good herb, more prescriptions for can...
Leslie Kahna year ago
My Own Cannabis Success Story
I have been a cannabis connoisseur for over 45 years and counting. I have partaken of hashish in the UK, in Amsterdam, and in Morocco. I have grown cannabis in Wales which was extremely challenging. N...
TLC Hopkinsa year ago
Using Cannabis for Pain Management
When I was growing up, weed was the devil. Not because of the time I lived, no I was about 6 in 2001 when my dad had to explain to my brother and I what weed was. Being little kids, we assumed people ...
Dwight Mightya year ago
The Weed Diet
If you’re a human being, then at some point you’ve thought about your weight. Whether that is because people will never let you forget it like me or it’s a secret insecurity like a lot of other people...
Dogs: Pain Relief and CBD
I get it. Dogs age quickly. We all know this... And yet, as pet owners, knowing that they age so much more quickly than we do doesn't make it any easier as we watch the effects of age start to set in.
Adrian Scotta year ago
Mental Illnesses That CBD Can Help Treat
A compound that is derived from cannabis plants, cannabidiol (or CBD) can be used to treat up to nine different mental illnesses. CBD oil will not produce a high, but rather provide a natural, calming...
How Dangerous Are Pesticides to Cannabis Users?
The new wave of states legalizing marijuana use has led to a boom in cultivation—and that's a great thing. However, not all legal marijuana is grown the same way. Some use pesticides to prevent cannab...
R. J. Leniczeka year ago
The Trouble With Mary Jane
A Critical Look at Marijuana Use From an Alternative Perspective, Intended to Disillusion the Growing Fantasy Around the Herbal Medicine
Chivaun Larsona year ago
How Smoking Marijuana Helps Me with My Day to Day Life
Marijuana. Weed. Cannabis. Pot. Many words are used to describe this plant. Many people, myself included, need it for managing pain, having appetite, anxiety, depression, or many different ailments. S...
Marissa Dovera year ago
Sativa vs. Indica. What's the Difference?
To some, this may be obvious, but what about those who aren't sure? Although this information isn't necessarily difficult to find, why do the research when I can do it for you? I will explain each pla...
vic leea year ago
My Journey with MMJ
My senior year of high school, my doctor prescribed me Prozac to help manage my chronic depression. Throughout the year of taking it, I started getting excruciating migraine headaches. My doctor then ...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
10 Benefits of Hemp Seeds
If you ask most people, they'll be able to tell you a slew of benefits of medical marijuana. However, they probably won't be able to tell you the same thing about marijuana's more legal cousin, hemp. ...
Dan Martina year ago
A Lesson I Wish I Had Learned. Enjoy Weed? Prevent Paranoia
I started smoking weed when I was 13 years old. For the first year or two, it was the best thing I had ever experienced, I couldn't get enough. At first it started like so many of us, being ripped off...