All about Marijuana and Health.

Michelle G2 months ago
The Wonders of CBD in Skin Care
I have been down a very long road when it comes to my skin and acne. For years I have struggled redness and breakouts, oily t-zones, enlarged pores, and all that despite the fact I am at an age now wh...
Amy Wilson2 months ago
Guide to Cannabis-Infused Meditation
After all, the two have walked hand-in-hand since the nth of time when it comes to providing humans with health benefits. Now, if you’re looking to go from a total newbie to a full-blown meditation ex...
Amy Wilson2 months ago
Breast Cancer Treatment with Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana gives hope to people living with cancer because it can help prevent cancer cells to spread. According to the researchers at the Rostock University Medical Centre Germany, cannabis co...
Elliot Cornish3 months ago
What Is CBD and How Can It Improve Our Health?
In 2018, interest in cannabidoil (CBD) soared to new heights, especially in the United Kingdom. Britain has seen a huge influx of CBD products on the high street, and increased media attention thanks ...
Crystal McGraw3 months ago
CBD Oil and Hypothyroidism
Like many, I was a skeptic, worried about the effects of CBD oil if I were to try it out. But also like many, I was (am) tired of the pain, constantly living everyday in a blur of tiredness and aches....
Fred Eugene Park4 months ago
10 Side Effects of Being High
There is no more popular drug in this country than weed. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 11 million Americans from the ages of 18 to 25 used cannabis in 2014. The institut...
Aunt Mary4 months ago
Are You a Cannabis Addict?
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 11 million people between the ages of 18 and 25 got high smoking weed in 2015. During the years since then, not only has marijuana become legal ...
Michael Thielmann4 months ago
Cannabis and Creativity
As an aspiring writer at the age of 18, I made it my duty to thoroughly test the hypothesis that pot can enhance or improve our creative abilities. I want to explore this topic in some depth; many of my clients lately have been interested in looking more deeply at their cannabis use. I can't deny that in my early days pot seemed to give me the creative boost that I was looking for. I'd often sit in front of a blank page or Word document wondering how to begin my next big writing project. My over...
Andrea Dawson4 months ago
Smoking Cannabis and Its Health Effects: Why Cannabidiol Alternatives Are the Healthier Choice
Despite those who oppose the legalization of recreational cannabis use, and in some cases even its medicinal applications, scientific evidence revealing its numerous health benefits have finally trump...
Adam J4 months ago
A Beginner's Guide to CBD
CBD is what many people are calling a miracle drug. Others may call it a superfood. Whichever you prefer to call it, CBD is a health trend that is sweeping the nation. This being said, personally, CBD...
Michael Thielmann5 months ago
Save Your Youth
If you're anything like me, your teenage years and perhaps early twenties were likely the times you experimented most with various substances. (Many of you have carried the spirit of your youth to the...
Vega Burks5 months ago
Marijuana Saved My Life
I started smoking weed at 13 years old. Man, I can remember it like it was yesterday. 13... junior high, abuse, band, being beat, and molested. I was looking for an escape... I looked in all kinds of ...
Shaylyn Perry6 months ago
Cannabis and Crohn's Disease
Well hello there! I'm taking a guess that either yourself or someone close to you suffers from some sort of inflammatory bowel problem and are looking for answers. For so many years cannabis has been ...
Linda Paul6 months ago
The Miracle of CBD
I can honestly say that CBD is my lifeline. I only wish I had found out about it sooner. It would have made a significant difference in my high anxiety levels, as well as my physical issues. CBD is a ...
Green Faerie6 months ago
Does Cannabis Lower Blood Pressure?
I am not a doctor. This is not an official medical answer to the question, Does cannabis lower blood pressure? I haven't found a lot of great research published on the subject, but the individual acco...
Zoe Cameron6 months ago
Positive Effects of Marijuana
Everybody knows what marijuana is. Most people say it's a drug like cocaine or opium. Yes it is a drug, however it is significantly different than most well known drugs. Consumers use marijuana as a w...
Jessica Shoemake6 months ago
Why I'm Scared of Marijuana
Yes, it's a serious fear. This is my story.
Megan Altman-Price7 months ago
Pain Relief
It's easy for a physician to prescribe an anti-inflammatory or even narcotics to someone who has chronic pain or is needing something for pain relief. There is so much conversation and taboo around us...