All about Marijuana and Health.

Jessica Shoemake5 months ago
Why I'm Scared of Marijuana
Yes, it's a serious fear. This is my story.
Megan Altman-Price5 months ago
Pain Relief
It's easy for a physician to prescribe an anti-inflammatory or even narcotics to someone who has chronic pain or is needing something for pain relief. There is so much conversation and taboo around us...
those stoner kids5 months ago
Should Patients Fight Their Right to Choose to Self-Medicate with Marijuana?
Who knows your body better than you? Most doctors now will meet with you briefly and do maybe one or two tests based on what the assume is wrong with you and, in my experience, if they can't find anyt...
Fred Eugene Park5 months ago
How You Can Use Cannabis to Reduce Opioid Dependence
It is no secret that the United States in embroiled in a serious crisis surrounding opioid medications. It is hard to watch television or traverse the internet without being confronted with ads for ad...
James E. 5 months ago
Hemp and Its Environmental Impact
Hemp is the seed and fiber portion of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. These fibers and seeds hold a high value (pun intended). Hemp is very healthy for consuming and the cultivation of hemp for industri...
Ami Roach5 months ago
How Cannabis Could Replace Anti-Anxiety Medicine
Few people know that they suffer from anxiety until they experience some extreme feelings. They may suffer from narrow vision, chest tightness, too many thoughts, and pressure on the body. Some patien...
James E. 5 months ago
How Marijuana Has Helped Me Mentally
Marijuana has helped me mentally for several years now. I have an array of mental scars and pain due to past traumas and mental illnesses. I was abused in several ways as a child and it has taken a to...
Reasons Seniors Are Using Medical Marijuana
It seems, more and more, that the age-old question as to whether marijuana is a drug or medicine is at the forefront of the public's mind. It is true that cannabis's uses as a pain relief aid are wide...
Patricia Sarkar5 months ago
11 Remarkable Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil Extracts
Cannabis oil is hailed as being an effective solution for treating various health issues as well as providing a host of health benefits. Researchers have found cannabis oil to contain two active eleme...
Rowan Marley6 months ago
Best Hemp Oils You Can Buy Online For Pain & Sleep
Hemp oil is now considered to be one of the best things you can offer your health routine. It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids, packs a ton of vitamin E into every drop, and also has anti-inflammatory pr...
Emma J6 months ago
My CBD Journey
Cannabidiol (CBD) has changed my life when it comes to coping with anxiety. I was never a weed-smoker or touched any weed products up until my final year of university. In my final year of university,...
How CBD Oil Can Stop Migraines & Headaches
At this point, it's relatively well-known that CBD oil can stop migraines & headaches, but there is still plenty of confusion on a number of fronts: What is CBD oil? Is it more or less effective than ...
Johnny Hash6 months ago
Ways You Can Reduce the Risks of Using Cannabis
Medical marijuana has a plethora of benefits from assisting with chronic pain to helping eliminate some forms of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. But even the most helpful of things in...
Rowan Marley6 months ago
Can Marijuana Improve Your Workout? Tips for a Pre-Exercise Smoke Sesh
We currently live in an era where workout supplements are the norm. We hear about athletes taking protein powder to add more muscle to their mass, and about bodybuilders taking creatine as a way to ad...
Aunt Mary6 months ago
How to Treat Psoriasis with Cannabis
With the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana recently added to the docket for multiple states across the nation, cannabis seems to be everywhere. While many against legalization preach ...
G M6 months ago
Can Medical Marijuana Help With Dementia?
I just want to start off by saying that I have no experience in trying this and have no clue whether or not this works. I am simply putting my thoughts out there based on what I have read online so fa...
Angelina Roe6 months ago
What You Didn't Know About Marijuana and Anemia
Have you been smoking for a while, and now all of a sudden you just can't anymore? I went through this unpredictable stage in my life, and finally found my answer why.
Skunk Uzeki7 months ago
Is Vaping Weed Safer Than Smoking?
Weed is a great plant, and that's why the benefits of medical marijuana are finally being recognized throughout the country. With more states legalizing weed than ever before, people are allowed to ex...