All about Marijuana and Health.

Jay Kerson11 days ago
Sleeping Deeply with CBD Oil
Do you lay awake at night with the day’s events rushing through your head? Does anxiety or pain rob you of quality sleep? A poor night’s sleep can make a tough day seem even worse and slowly fade out ...
Jenn D11 days ago
To Eat or to Smoke
Marijuana has been legal in many states for some time now, with Canada not far behind. Marijuana has been seen in the media for nearly a century in various different forms. Most of the time joints, bo...
Ainsley Lawrence12 days ago
Can CBD Treat Head Injuries?
CBD oil is being labeled as the miracle drug of the century, but it is worth looking more closely at what it really capable of and what is just public hype. Research has shown the uses and benefits of...
The Health Benefits of Hemp
We are just beginning to understand the amazing benefits of hemp. It’s a great bonus that this superfood also happens to be sourced from a plant that’s easy to grow organically because of its natural ...
Matthew Evans18 days ago
Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
The state of California recently had the issue of whether or not to legalize all forms of marijuana use as a ballot measure during the last election. At the ballot box, people seem either too embarras...
The Health Benefits of CBD
CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids found within cannabis sativa, better known as marijuana. Because CBD comes from the marijuana plant, most people imm...
Claire Peters24 days ago
Five Ways CBD Can Help Seniors Thrive
Anybody in their golden years will likely do anything they can to feel their best. Whether you are taking walks in the park, eating more vegetables, or meditating daily, these habits add up to a healt...
Carlos Foxa month ago
Hemp Hemp Hooray! The Many Uses and Benefits of Hemp
Hemp is the Swiss Army knife of plants. It has as many uses as the human imagination can conjure up for it. For thousands of years, it has been used for everything—from a source of food to rope and ev...
Claire Petersa month ago
How to Find the Right CBD Product for You
Learning about CBD can be a relatively overwhelming experience. Besides learning about what CBD is, how it functions inside the human body, and how it can be applied to help you tackle a variety of di...
Patty McDanielsa month ago
Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Oil—Cannabis Review
CBD, or Cannabidiol, has become quite common in this modern era. Apart from the fact that it is extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has multiple health benefits for both humans and animals such as ...
Cassidy Webba month ago
Why Cannabis Effectively Treats Opiate Withdrawal
Opiate withdrawal can be an excruciating, terrifying experience. It begins with a runny nose, overactive tear production, and incessant yawning, which may only seem annoying at first. Unfortunately, i...
Responsible Marijuana Use: A Primer
Marijuana is legal in many areas. It's a normal and enjoyable part of life for millions of people—more than 55 million, in fact. It's also very safe. But, as safe as it is, marijuana still demands a c...
Claire Petersa month ago
How CBD Can Help You Operate Like a Well-Oiled Machine
Marijuana is increasingly becoming legal in the United States for both medicinal and recreational use. This change in attitude by state governments towards pot has led to more medical revelations abou...
Michelle Ga month ago
The Wonders of CBD in Skin Care
I have been down a very long road when it comes to my skin and acne. For years I have struggled redness and breakouts, oily t-zones, enlarged pores, and all that despite the fact I am at an age now wh...
Amy Wilsona month ago
Guide to Cannabis-Infused Meditation
After all, the two have walked hand-in-hand since the nth of time when it comes to providing humans with health benefits. Now, if you’re looking to go from a total newbie to a full-blown meditation ex...
Amy Wilsona month ago
Breast Cancer Treatment with Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana gives hope to people living with cancer because it can help prevent cancer cells to spread. According to the researchers at the Rostock University Medical Centre Germany, cannabis co...
Elliot Cornish2 months ago
What Is CBD and How Can It Improve Our Health?
In 2018, interest in cannabidoil (CBD) soared to new heights, especially in the United Kingdom. Britain has seen a huge influx of CBD products on the high street, and increased media attention thanks ...
Crystal McGraw2 months ago
CBD Oil and Hypothyroidism
Like many, I was a skeptic, worried about the effects of CBD oil if I were to try it out. But also like many, I was (am) tired of the pain, constantly living everyday in a blur of tiredness and aches....