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Corey Hurt2 days ago
Weed Should Be Legalized
Recreational marijuana users are looked down on by many people in society. People are called trashy, good for nothing, and “bums” because of their use of a plant. Marijuana has been proven to be less ...
Emma Wilcock20 days ago
Me, My Issues, and Weed
I still remember the first joint I had (not like it was that long ago as I am only 21). I was still in high school at the time. It was just me and one of my old best friends sitting on a field during ...
Skunk Uzeki2 months ago
Signs You Might Be Allergic to Weed
There are a lot of allergies out there that most people don't ever really consider possible. For example, there are people out there who are allergic to spinach. But, some allergies are stranger and r...
Jacqueline Hanikeh2 months ago
Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Anxiety and Depression?
The psilocybin mushroom, a.k.a., magic mushroom or shrooms are among the drugs that people like to use. Shrooms is a fungi that contains a natural compound of psychedelic. Many mushrooms include Psilo...
RD Walker2 months ago
Underrated Benefits of Medical Cannabis
When you're chronically ill, and weighing your treatment options you often do research and try to paint yourself a realistic picture. You want to hope, but you don't dare; not until all the facts are ...
Donald Gray2 months ago
What Is CBD Oil Used For?
In a world rife with cannabis and the leniency of its usage now growing ever steadier into the future, many are questioning the necessity of CBD oil in line with its globally known counterpart, THC. M...
SR James2 months ago
Let's Just Legalise It Already
I live in the UK, and here we have absolutely no legal method of smoking cannabis. Now, I'm not here trying to legalise it completely, because recreational smoking in large quantities can really be da...
Denise Willis2 months ago
Marijuana: A Drug or Medicine?
Abstain, or smoke marijuana? That is a question many are grappling with today, as marijuana becomes legal in more states, at least 23 currently. Most older members of society still feel that marijuana...
Kristina Pagan2 months ago
My Journey with Mary Jane
*tsk tsk tsk* Where to begin? I guess we could start off at 13? Yeah, 13. I was freshly 13 years old when I picked up my first blunt. I had just turned 13 and the day after and I was at my best friend...
Jennifer D3 months ago
Are You High Yet?
Every single time somebody finds out that I use marijuana to ease the severe pain that comes along with having gallstones, they assume I must be talking about the CBD strain of "Mary Jane." CBD is the...
Ryan Jennemann3 months ago
Talking to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana
For more than half a century, Americans have been told one mistruth after the other about marijuana. However, as the country is becoming more educated about cannabis, what it is, and how the plant can...
Dante Cooper3 months ago
I Got High and Went to the Chiropractor So You Don't Have To
At some point, anybody who has smoked marijuana has thought, “I am going to smoke weed before doing this and just see how it goes.” The first idea probably involved food. “I am going to get high and e...
Skunk Uzeki3 months ago
Marijuana Remedies From History
It seems like science only recently has started to acknowledge the benefits of cannabis — especially when it comes to medical marijuana policies. We all know this has been a long time coming, but most...
Alex Bernier3 months ago
Anatomy of an Active Stoner 6
Previously on Anatomy of an Active Stoner
Albert Fontenot4 months ago
More Marijuana = Fewer Erections
Could weed be ruining your performance in the bedroom? Contrary to the belief that marijuana increases your sexual ability and enjoyment, recent research suggests that smoking pot may make it more dif...
Helena Miles4 months ago
For How Long Can THC Be Detected in Our System?
Whether you are a medical or recreational marijuana user, occasional or a regular consumer, it doesn’t hurt to know how long does the drug stay in your body. Because there might come the time when you...
Alex Bernier4 months ago
Anatomy of an Active Stoner 5
Previously on Anatomy of an Active Stoner: Sunday Morning. Sunday, 1:39 pm A massive gray cloud hovers over the city park to conquer its sky. Victory rain ensues. What an efficient crowd repellent. The place empties faster than a dull stand-up comedy. Everybody runs off into their cars or underneath the nearest rooftop, faces sad and angry. There are worst things in life than getting wet fully-clothed. The weather is so out of my control I see no reason to waste mental resources on a negative em...
Emma James4 months ago
The Joys of Cannabis
The alarm goes off at 6:45 and I hit the snooze button as I’m overwhelmed with a huge wave of nausea. Taking a deep breath, I reach for my loaded pipe and lighter taking a hit and breathing slowly. I ...