The most popular topic since prohibition.

Sarah Ann11 days ago
Smash the Lies
When people I know think "stoner" they think "low-life, jobless, welfare sucker." They don’t think of people like me with a full-time, 8-5 job. They don’t think of the people who work two jobs, have n...
Denise Willisa month ago
A Journey with Marijuana
I never used to smoke marijuana, because when I did, it made me eat everything in the house, and then pass out on the sofa. I couldn't remember anything, not even a recipe that I had made hundreds of ...
Anti-Crack Weed Head
Everybody just calm the fuq down. This isn't the 1930s propaganda you've grown weary of being associated with the terms gateway and paraphernalia. Woosah. Do some yoga. Get your mind right. Cause it a...
Agent Moona month ago
Mommy and Mary Jane Prt. 1
The recent legalizing of marijuana has allowed me to start writing about my experiences in parenting with and without. My sons are 7 and 5, they both have autism and this is been a wild ride!! For thi...
Milcah Halilia month ago
Local High Society Combines Cannabis and Yoga
Local High Society is a cannabis and yoga community created by Jessy Chang. Jessy is a yoga teacher at Evoke Yoga, a downtown Los Angeles yoga studio where she hosts some of her cannabis-enhanced yoga...
QueenEx ThePoeta month ago
The Fallacy of Reality
Grinning from ear to ear, Gigi expertly fixed the device to my novice hands and showed me how to hit a bong. My learning curve was hardly there as I quickly mastered it. "Go! Go! Go! Go!" They all yel...
The Presence of Drug Culture
While most modern-day parents seem more than happy for their children to go out on an alcohol-infused bender every weekend, they are less pleased by the thought that their child might be out there hig...
Adrian Spencer2 months ago
Parents Living the High Life
Here we are, a day in age that most never thought they would see. marijuana slowly but surely becoming decriminalized state by state. Whether you're for it, against it, or caught between leaning no on...
Joseph Farley2 months ago
Why Are Some CBD Oils Illegal?
CBD oils tend to fall into a certain legal grey area, with many people being unsure what is legal and what isn't. Finding out what's legal or not can often depend on who you ask — not ideal if you lov...
Luz 2 months ago
I was 17 years old and worked my butt off at school. I had a reasonable GPA (3.0) and worked part time at a local restaurant. After a year of working there I started smoking marijuana with one of my c...
Luke S. Thompson2 months ago
Want to Smoke at Work? Be an Artist
First, I would like to note that I am not here to argue the legality of weed in the work place. I am very much an advocate of both medical and recreational marijuana. That being said, there are defini...
Mark Ludas2 months ago
My First 4/20
My first 4/20, and the only one of much substance, was on April 20, 2002. I was 19 years of age and in my freshman year at Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont. I had many friends at Marlboro who cel...
Rachel Smith2 months ago
A World of Legal Drugs
I'm Rachel, an inspiring journalist. I am going to start writing on this platform to create a portfolio. I want to write about things that interest me and may cause some controversy. I want for everyone to have their opinion on a topic and I think it's important every story gets at least two sides to it. So drugs — we all know what they are. They're illegal substances that are bad for you. But do we actually know what they are? I am in no way saying we should write a law where everyone is allowe...
Skunk Uzeki3 months ago
What to Know About Ohio's Marijuana Legalization
Ohio is one of the many states that recently decided that it's time to legalize cannabis — and yes, courts have agreed to overturn laws banning it for all use. Though Ohio has decided to greenlight (h...
No Body3 months ago
The Full Effect of Mary Jane
This time I was truly innocent. I hadn't done a thing before to that effect. I definitely wasn't planning on what was going to happen next. I was twelve years of age at this point in time. I had heard...
Kels M3 months ago
Keep Your House From Smelling Dank
Hey stoners, need to smoke discreetly? Do you have a guest coming over? Or just don’t want a dank house? Well here are our six tips and tricks to keep your house smelling nice and fresh!
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Guide to Marijuana Legalization in California
Smoking marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical purposes in California, and that's been the case for a while. Though it is a legal marijuana state, it's important to realize that there ar...
Angelina Kobs3 months ago
Marijuana and Why People Want It Legalized
Marijuana, weed, pot. It is called various names, but it is essentially the same thing. First off, let's go over what is in marijuana that makes it more and more attractive to people today. For those ...