Strawberry Fields by Avitas

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Strawberry Fields comes to us by way of Vermont. A pure indica of unknown origin, the breeder planted his cutting with his strawberries. He claimed this was why his strain matched the scent to the strawberries in his field. Apparently it was also bred to finish off before the first snowfall in Vermont.

But there’s also a strain of Strawberry Fields that comes to us by way of Sagarmatha Seeds. This cut is Strawberry Cough crossed with an unknown, “lethargic indica, then back crossed with the original mother.” They call this their “night time cough formula.” Which sounds delicious too.

This is one of those strains where you hope you smoke the original, legendary strain but know you’re getting something else. All you can do is dig in and see.

Three lovely ladies, all in a row. Light green and frosty to the naked eye. Beautiful golden colored pistils throughout the buds. Tightly trimmed with no excess leaf, though one nug has a bit more stem than necessary. But still, absolutely gorgeous buds. Under the scope the trichomes light up. These buds are saturated. Translucent trichomes on top of milky-white trichomes on top of translucent trichomes.

However the scope also revealed a thin blue string or thread. This is an unfortunate find.

The scents are subtle until you break apart the flower. Once busted apart, she reveals a sweet fruit tone, that famous note of strawberry she’s known for. There’s a hint of earthen pine that floats just beneath that sweet strawberry/mango scent. It’s mouthwatering. After grinding her up, that aroma just pops. Super sweet and pungent.

Buds feel a bit drier than I prefer. The trichomes should have a sticky, tackiness to the touch, but I don’t get that here. Having said that, this is some of the frostiest bud I’ve seen in a hot minute. But rolling her up she’s hard to shape. The bud is dry. There’s a lot of spillage and more kief and leaf on my fingers than there should be.

She lights up easy and smokes sweet and smooth. Very sweet on the tongue and easy on the palette. There’s a hint of pungent musk noticeable on the inhale, but pure sweetened fruit on the exhale. She hits easy and light on the throat. She tastes clean and burns pretty consistently, but turned a bit bitter on the final third of the joint. I was blessed to be high before finishing her off, so there’s a lovely resiny roach for later.

Yeah, I’m high as fuck. This is all in my body, didn’t even notice her creep in. Very stoney in the head. My eyes have a heavy gauze feeling around them. The muscles throughout my body are relaxing with every word I type. There’s been a knot in my right shoulder for days. It’s finally untying. Ganja be good. I don’t feel tired or sedated. Very relaxed and chill. There’s a nice sativa-like head-fuzz that I would not expect from a pure indica, but it’s a nice added benefit to the body melt that was the reason for purchase.

Despite the dry nature of the cure and the odd thread seen under the magnifier, Avitas truly knocked it out of the park with this one. I’m stoned and chill and enjoyed the ride. That’s what’s cannabis is all about anyway. Medicate what ails you. And Strawberry Fields apparently said that what ailed me tonight was head to toe. I can’t even deduce as to whether this was a cutting of that original legendary lady from Vermont or a recently bred beauty from a seed company. At this point I’m too high to care. And that is good.

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