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Strawberry Cough by Golden Tree Productions

Rated 69 by The Cannafiles

Rumor has it that Strawberry Cough was so named because of the expansive quality she has in the lungs. One simple toke of this legendary strain could put the most old school of stoners into uncontrollable coughing fits. But let us all remember folks: you do not have to cough to get off. It’s like riding a bull, you only want to hold that sweet, sweet smoke for a maximum of eight seconds. That is plenty of time to deposit all those cannabinoid goodies and their terpy friends into your lungs.

Which is where you want them anyways, not in the air as a cloud of smoke. I’ve seen too many stoners pull humongous hits only to heave and ho all that joy into the room. When the smoke clears, they look like a cowboy bested by a prize bull. They pick themselves up off the ground and dust themselves off with nothing more than a look of confusion and contention on their all-too-often wannabe stoic faces.

I’m tougher than that.

But like a cowboy’s ride, five to eight seconds is all you need. For those cannabis consumers who feel they don’t truly get high unless they cough, cough, wheeze, I urge them to consider this simple argument of logic: that head-rush you feel is due to a lack of blood supply to the brain.

You are not higher because you coughed.

You feel higher because you’ve hyperventilated yourself.

You don’t have to cough to get off.

Cannabis is your friend.

All that coughing, it’ll tear apart your alveoli and damage your lungs.

It makes me think about another toker-myth, an anomaly that blunt-smokers usually experience. All love and respect to my hardcore blunt smokers out there who choose to roll up their ganja in a Swisher, but they tend to forget that the tobacco leaf contains nicotine. You’d be surprised at how many blunt smokers I’ve talked to who had no idea their wrap contains nicotine in it, which will thin the blood ever so slightly, allowing their cannabinoid soup to cross the blood-brain barrier a little faster and a little easier.

But again, you aren’t any higher. You can get the same effect by following up a good bowl of weed with a Pall Mall or Lucky Strike. Camel if you prefer your blends Turkish. As for me, I prefer my weed straight up. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll rip on bongs and spark up spliffs all day and all night. I’ll even pull puffs on a blunt when handed to me, but personally there is no substitute for clean glass when it comes to tasting your high quality grass. And besides, the experience is all the more enhanced when that glass sparkles and twinkles and dances within the light projected from the flickering flame of a Bic lighter. So typically I’ll hit the pipe using a double puff technique, one for each lung, then I pass it to the left.

Never forget: puff, puff, pass.

To the left.

Always to the left.

And without exception, when smoking on a legend known for it’s predilection to induce coughing fits, it is always better to go slow, take her easy, and inhale one tiny puff at a time. Let the cannabis have a chance to reveal herself and have her way with you. If she’s the old school cut, you’ll be grateful you didn’t lose a lung getting to know her. If she’s the milder form of the strain, you can go right on back to ripping her up as normal.

It’s all about having a relationship.

My research uncovered two different phenotypes of Strawberry Cough. One is more indica leaning and is a blend of Strawberry Fields and Haze. The sativa variant brings together Erdbeer with an enigmatic American indica. The original Strawberry Cough of legend, the classic cut that most stoners tend to think about is Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough. She was a clone-only lady that had brought together a touch of Haze with Strawberry Fields, an indica of unknown genetics hailing from Vermont.

Golden Tree Productions offers up their variety of Strawberry Cough in an eighth as two large nugs and a bit of crumble. Ripping open the bag, I’m hoping for a nostril-punch of strawberry and skunk aromas, but what I get is nary a tickle. Taking in as good a sniff as I can without snorting in leaf, I do pick up on some pine and sweet sage with a soft hint of grass, though not in the sense of gnarly, unflushed chlorophyll. It’s light and clean and reminds me of an open field. However the field I’m looking for is barely detectable. I want that sweet strawberry aroma made famous from Strawberry Fields, but it seems I’d have better luck if I were on a Magical Mystery Tour with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

She is pretty, though.

Beautiful green leaf peppered throughout with orange pistils. There’s a nice light frost covering the buds, though the nugs do feel dry and a bit crispy to the touch. Trichomes are mostly clear but many of the heads are broken off of shriveled stalks. Deeper into the buds, the trichomes look fully formed and healthy. Breaking the buds apart does not offer up any more aromatics but after grinding, she does reveal a slightly more noticeable scent of strawberry…finally.

She smokes pretty good, fairly smooth for the first couple hits, and my lungs are firmly intact. There’s a soft sweet berry flavor with a fuel-like aftertaste. But then the flavors begin to fall flat and fall hard. Once the flavor disappears, she smokes hot and rough.

It’s hard not to cowboy up at this point.

Ash turns mostly a dark gray with lots of black. It’s chunky, hard, and charcoal like, not powdery and soft. Effects have a decent hang-time though; you feel her long after you’ve smoked her and she’s left the building. Heady and stoney, Strawberry Cough adds a nice fuzz immediately to the head. The body does melt down in due time with a sedate finish. Though it should be noted that the crumbly nugs felt and acted more Haze dominant while the larger, fuller buds smoked heavier and seemed more indica dominant.

And not a single coughing fit in sight.

Cowboy at-ease.

There’s a definite predominance towards Haze when it comes to her taste, but she consistently softened me up in the body with a reliable, rubbery sensation to the muscles which was always followed by heavy sedation. This may not be the old school Strawberry Cough of legend, but she is a decent descendant.

Strawberry Cough by Golden Tree Productions - HD20170630

The Cannafiles: Cannabis Journal

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Strawberry Cough by Golden Tree Productions
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