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Strains in Review—Blue Dragon

A Strain Review

A Nugget of Blue Dragon in the Wild

Blue Dragon is a relatively new strain to the US market that is generally considered to have originally been grown in California. As with many newer strains, this one has certainly been developed to win competitions and win them in style. Sporting a THC content sometimes over 24 percent by weight, this bud is capable of catching even the most seasoned smoker off guard!

Being a crossover strain, this plant can trace its lineage back to two specific varieties: Blueberry Indica (60 percent) and Sour Diesel Sativa (40 percent), giving it a unique, fruity, and yet distinctly earthen and diesel laden flavor while maintaining a sweet and aromatic flavor on the pull. The resulting combination makes for an incredibly relaxing and euphoric smoke, carrying the distinct characteristics of its parent strains into one perfectly.

Again, owing to its genealogy, you won't have to try hard to convince your friends that this stuff is a step above your average mid; the combination of Blueberry and Sour Diesel has left this bud with beautiful blue undertones and prevalent tricones, and its bark is just a teaser for the bite that does not disappoint!

Smoke Report

About a fifth of a gram mixed with wild tobacco was smoked through a GlassLab303 GL Small Rig with Honeycomb Diffuser, the flavor of blueberries and a hint of diesel was quickly recognizable. The pull is clean and incredibly smooth, nothing adverse to be reported. Immediately after exhaling, the tobacco shone through with a warm rising feeling that was quickly overcome by the buzz of the Blue Dragon; leaving the smoker with the impending feeling that they had better sit down and get ready for a ride.

After 15 minutes, the effects were still kicking in; a fairly heavy body load was noted; intense, but in no way unpleasant. Two of the participants were thoroughly couch-locked, which a third with a lower tolerance retreated to their bed—citing confusion and an intense head space in addition to the body load. It is again to be noted that this strain on average has a higher THC content than the average Indica strain and at its most potent has been noted to be well over twice that average—certainly something that should be taken into account for the novice smoker—this is not a strain to be taken lightly!

An hour in and the effects have fully hit, and there's not much conversation to be had as everyone is simply basking in the relaxation; smiles abound. When someone does speak up, though, it is difficult to mask the influence of the substance. While the effects might be intense, there is little to detract from them, cottonmouth is almost non-existent and the munchies are present, but not all-consuming. This is definitely a good thing, because unless you limit your dosage or are a veteran smoker, it is very easy to become couch-locked due to the heavy body load.

After two and a half to three hours, the effects are noticeably beginning to subside, the come down is normally the least favorable part of the smoke but this particular bud left a lasting impression as one with a rather pleasant come down—none of the fever dream-like qualities that tend to arise in the dying minutes from lower quality kush.

With all of that in mind, this is a very potent strain that can be a pleasant refresher for those who are well versed in the area and haven't had something knock them on their backside in some time. The aromatic flavor and smooth pull make for a lovely smoking experience and the subsequent high is heavy and intense without being overwhelming—given the right mindset and setting of course! A great high arc and gentle come down round out a well-balanced experience; certainly one to recommend!

  • Relaxation: 10/10
  • Euphoria: 9.5/10
  • Munchies: 6/10
  • Cottonmouth: 3/10
  • Overall: 9.2/10, a must try!

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Strains in Review—Blue Dragon
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