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Stoner Walks & Real Talks-Reflection

Cannabis Is My Lifestyle: Memoirs of a Marijuana Mistress - Chapter 3

Just another pretty flower

It has been a busy few days since my last entry. It gets quit busy around here when it gets close to crop time. Yay!!! I was missing my meds more than you could ever know. With growing you don’t always get what you want at the end and sometimes shit gets tough and life happens and next thing you know you are dipping into your roach jars. Thank goodness for those roach jars though or we might have been a whole lot worse off.

Backup Stash

Roach Roulette

Since the garden is at the tail end of the flowering, my honey has to spend a lot of hours in the room plucking leaves and watching the trichomes for the right moment to cut down for the drying process. I spend quite a bit of time occupying myself with what needs to be done around the trailer, dealing with the fur babies, writing, getting prepared for my part in the garden, the processing. I will be trimming my ass off and making all sorts of goodies here in the near future. Of course I will be sharing these adventures, tips and recipes with you, it is my duty as a healer to share this info, because it isn’t all my info to be greedy with. I wish the same great health and healing to all that want to know how. I am here to change the terrible stigma that has been placed on cannabis and on other natural ways to heal yourself. I am here to normalize cannabis … it is just a plant … you know?


Wishful Thinking

Anyways, the sun has been gracing us with her presence the last few days and for anyone who knows the Peninsula, it has been wet and grey, so the sun is a blessing to behold when she appears. Whenever the sun is out on that wonderful blue backdrop, it will call to my honey and me to get up and out to go enjoy what we really like to do … get in touch with nature … go on a walk … feel the sun on our skin … breathe some fresh air and generally we come home with rocks in our pockets … if we are lucky. Just because we live in an area with trees does not mean we get enough of them and the outdoors. We are always striving to find those places that are hard to get to, but this walk was just a beginner for the season and besides honey worked all day in the garden and is a bit sore and it is not like I am some kind of spring chicken myself. So we start easy and work our way up and as the weather gets better, so do we.

Walk Jizzy's

Joints for the Joints 

I wanted to go for a walk down to the lake that we have in our neighborhood and get a change of scenery, rather than staring at the same trailer walls and let that sun beat on the skin for a brief moment before she went down for the night. My honey rolled up some joints, yeah we take cannabis on walks, it helps ease the pain on the joints and helps gets the mind quiet so you can get in touch with nature in a deeper mental state. At least that is how it is for me. It takes a bit of work to put my mental noise to rest and let my thoughts go. I just want to breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and taking a couple puffs of my jizzy helps ease my mind and brings about a focus rather than a cloud like some might think.

Neighborhood Lake

Watching the ripples in the water.

DAMN!! It was cold as shit out there … sure was beautiful through the windows. I had to wear many layers to endure the walk to the lake but it was worth every step. Big dreams start with tiny steps and walking in nature is where it begins for us. We spend our walks: reflecting on dreams, wishing, wanting, planning for our future, conversing, making memories, and just spending time. Some of our best dates and brainstorms have been on just a walk. 

The Man Behind the Green

But Next to Me in Our Dreams


Life is reflection.

We sometimes get so busy with trying to make a living that we forget to live. Everyone needs to take the time to break away from the noise and business of so called life and take it back to nature, feel the sunshine on your face, watch the trees sway, the water ripple and the ants play. Take that time to enjoy, dream, laugh, love, live, reflect and grow.

Love, Light & Getting Minds Right!!!

SinSeriously Yours,


From My heart to You

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Stoner Walks & Real Talks-Reflection
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