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Stoner States of America

In one of the most important years for marijuana reform, vote 'yes' in these Stoner States of America.

2016 is brewing up to be one of the most vital years for marijuana reform to date. While many states avidly tried to collect enough signatures to make it to the November 2016 ballot, the following states are the only ones confirmed to vote on marijuana reform this up-coming election. Whether it be for medicinal or recreational use, these stoner states will do whatever it takes to move forward with marijuana reform and will pave the way for America’s future.


The Golden State has been leading Marijuana reform since 1996 when it became the first state to legalize any sort of marijuana in the USA. During this year’s elections, Cali will be voting to regulate marijuana recreationally so that it can be taxed and controlled just like alcohol. If you’re an advocate for weed reform and you would like to support California’s cause, granted of course you’re a US citizen and resident of California, then head to the voting polls and vote YES on Proposition 64!


Known as the keeper of one of the world’s largest resort cities, Las Vegas, Nevada will open its polls this November in attempts to win a majority vote in favor of recreational marijuana. Just think how much better Vegas will be once dispensaries begin to open on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re a US citizen and a resident of Nevada, vote YES on The Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative (also known as Question 2).


Being so close to Colorado and California, it’s little wonder why Arizona has decided to become one of the next states to legalize recreational marijuana. If majority vote is in favor of marijuana reform every person over the age of 21 will be able to possess an entire ounce of marijuana and grow up to 6 marijuana plants in Arizona. Vote YES on Proposition 205 to help Arizona’s fight to legalize marijuana recreationally.


Massachusetts is known for being the landing spot for America’s first settlers, it is also the birthplace of one of America’s favorite munchie foods: Marshmallow Fluff. If recreational marijuana passes in November 2016 the lucky residents of Massachusetts will be able to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana once they are over the age of 21. Vote for The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative (also known as Question 4), for major reform to Massachusetts’ marijuana laws.


Known as The Pine Tree State, what better way to celebrate Maine’s luscious greenery than to legalize one of nature’s most multifaceted plants? By voting yes on The Marijuana Legalization Initiative in Maine, the state will be that much closer to having a recreational and regulated cannabis industry.


Dubbed as the Sunshine State, Florida has a lot to be envious of: Summer weather all year long, beautiful people, and the Caribbean less than 500 miles away. But one thing that is nothing to be jealous of is Florida’s marijuana laws. After losing the fight by 2% in 2014 to legalize medical marijuana it’s time to make a serious comeback in the panhandle state and vote for Amendment 2

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Stoner States of America
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