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Stoner Safety

4 Life Changing Hacks for a Safer Stoner

As many benefits as smoking marijuana brings, there are a few things you can do to prolong your health and keep your highs mellow. As my time and experience as a full time stoner, I've come across and learned tips to treat my lungs better and essentially become wiser as to what I put in to my body.

Know Your Papers

When getting high you want the most natural way of doing so; in the case of smoking joints, the rolling papers you choose play a paramount role in what enters your lungs. Rolling papers such as Zig Zags have chemicals as they are bleached to give it a white color, and are fast burning, increasing the harshness of the inhalation. For a smoother toke, try hemp papers or rice papers, such as Element papers. Not only does the paper itself contain chemicals, but the glue used for lickin' n' stickin' contains pig fat, failing to cater to vegan stoners, religious stoners, and stoners who know that's just not right. For a pig fat free alternative, try Raw rolling papers as the brand uses cane sugar for a better taste.

What could be in your weed other than weed?

This tip is for when purchasing cannabis outside of a legal dispensary. Oftentimes marijuana concourses add artificial elements to their product to enhance the appearance of the nugs for better profit. CD shavings are often sprinkled upon nugs to give them the appearance of an abundance of kiefy crystals. Parallel to this, cocaine is used to give the same look, as well as an "extra" high. To distinguish between the nurturing THC elements and the artificial add ons, scrape the nugs with one of your fingers, enough to extract some crystals onto your fingertip, then proceed to rub your fingers together, if it is powdery and dissoluble, smoke up that kief! Hard or grainy texture implies the element is not of the bud.


Whether it is your first time getting high, or your 100th, a lot of people tell me that when trying to lessen anxiety by smoking, they end up increasing paranoia/anxiety. This is common amongst stoners and there are ways to prevent and maintain it. The anxiety that stems from marijuana is the THC:CBD ratio. Strains with a higher THC percentage, and a lower CBD percentage increase anxiety. This is because THC provide cerebral effects, like distorted judgement, and heightened senses, or the "high." CBD provides the effects of pain relief, sleep, and most importantly, anxiety relief. It's not always easy to tell which strain you may be smoking if you're not buying from a reliable source, but leafly.com has strain information including effects the bud may provide for you.

Keep your tools clean — the right way.

Bongs, pipes, one hitters, bowl pieces, and down stems, grinders, rigs and all your smoking essentials determine how and what you’re inhaling, so it is important to keep them clean.

You can easily buy bong cleaning substances from your local head shop, but it's not the cheapest and safest way, leaving you inhaling chemicals and breaking down your glass with the harsh texture of the exfoliating beads. Resin-stained glass is stubborn and smells like garbage. Your best option is to fill a big pot with water and boil your glass until the resin melts, and give it one last rinse. Even easier is to put your glass through a dishwasher cycle; make sure there are no other dishes in the wash to protect your everyday dishes from your canna-dirt.

Practice these daily or whenever you smoke to maintain healthy lungs and a healthy mind.

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Stoner Safety
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