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Stoner Life Savers

Stoner Hacks

Stoner Hacks that will save your life!

#1: Vacuum up your weed.

Okay, don’t actually vacuum up your weed. But, if you spill your weed, a great way to pick it up with ease is to cover your vacuum with a sock and then turn on your vacuum. This will collect all your weed into the sock! 

#2: Bobby Pin Roach Clip

Yup, that’s right! Your bobby pins make a great (and cheap) roach clip that you can take on the go discreetly! Just take it out of your hair, and slip the lip of your joint in so you can enjoy every last puff of your cannabis. 

#3: DIY Smokebuddy

This is super simple and super cheap! All you need is a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Put a dryer sheet on one end of your toilet paper roll and secure it with a rubber band. Now, stuff a couple more dryer sheets into your toilet paper roll. And voila, you have made yourself a smokebuddy, so now when you blow through, your room will smell like fresh laundry and not dank weed. 

#4: No grinder? No problem!

Grinding your weed is the best way to smoke. It smokes better, easier, and you get more use out of your bud. But sometimes when you are traveling you may forget it at home. So an easy hack for this is to take a pill bottle (or a container), and a coin - whether it’s a penny or a dime, it doesn’t matter. Break up your bud, put it into your container with your coin, close the lid, then shake it like a Polaroid picture! And bam! Ground up, well, shaken up bud! Ready for you to smoke.

#5: Hot Water Bong

If you're like me, you have always been told to put fresh cold water and ice into your bong to make smoking easier. Well, my friends, that is a lie. Hot water with no ice is the best way to go. The hot air allows your airways to open up, and you hardly even notice the smoke as it comes up to your mouth. I love this hack because if you are a cougher like me, this will stop those cough attacks from happening. 

#6: Cottonmouth hack!

I know personally, I can get some wicked cottonmouth that seems to dry out my entire body! Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but you get my point. Anyways, sometimes cottonmouth is so bad that no matter how much water you drink it just won’t go away! A great hack for this is to either brush your teeth or to rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Not only will this get rid of your cotton mouth but it will also get the weed smell out of your breath, which is perfect when you have somewhere to be. Another great thing about this hack is you won’t get super bloated from all that water!

#7: Stems

I have two great hacks for these bad boys. The first one is to save your stems for tea! All you do is save up ¼ a cup worth of stems, then steep them in either a steeper or a steeper ball with the tea of your choice. This will give you a nice body high but something that won’t be super strong. Another thing you can do is smoke them. No really, you can. I set mine aside for when I am out and won’t be able to pick up right away. It will not get you as high, but it will still give you a little something.

#8: Pasta Filter

So you’re rolling a joint when you realize you are out of filter tips. Well, a little hack for this is to use a pasta noodle! Obviously, not all types will work but penne and a couple others would work great!

#9: Honey Joints

A great and tasty way to have your joint burn smoother and slower is to coat your joint in honey! If you are vegan, you could use agave instead. 

#10: Lose weight with the munchies.

If you are like me and you smoke a lot of strains that give you the munchies, then I got some great ways to help you! If you do want to eat, then stick to healthier foods rather than a bag of chips or pizza. Or, if you are not looking to eat anything at the moment, a mint is a great way to get rid of those munchies! Maybe even chew on a piece of gum. This will help trick your body into thinking you have had something to eat making you feel satisfied. 

#11: Carrots do what?

If you have the problem of your bud going dry before you can smoke it, a great way to help make it moist again is to put a sliver or two of carrot in with your weed. Allow it to sit overnight and there you have it; nice, fresh, moist bud for your wake-n-bake!

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Stoner Life Savers
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