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Stoner Girl Must-Haves

10 Essentials for Every Girly Stoner

In High Places 420: July 7th, 2017 

This list is for my fellow lady tokers that are anything like me. In other words, you're magnetized to those of the pink, glittery, or cute variety. If it’s too dull, too boring, or isn’t the right color, we want nothing to do with it. 

When I first started smoking, I was lucky if I found a pink pipe or God forbid a pink bong. However, with cannabis acceptance growing, so are the product lines. From blinged-out vapes to sparkly grinders, here are 10 must-have accessories for the girly cannabis enthusiast.

1. The Perfect Glass Piece

In my experience, Etsy is the #1 one online source for great glass. Although many shops come and go fast (so don't favorite one for too long in hopes of it always being available), there's always a large variety of pieces for sale at great prices and with custom options. I have found my favorite pieces on ETSY. 

2. A Grinder

Don't want to ruin that manicure with sticky fingers? Then you need a grinder. I have never had a grinder fail me... only escape me (lost it). They last a long time, so pick one you really love the first time. 

3. Rolling Papers

These bad boys are amazing! They double as blotting papers ladies!! They're made from unbleached hemp fibers and can be used as rolling papers for that good good or blotting papers for your face. Win Win! 

4. Bobby Pins

Not only are bobby pins super cute accessories like these pot leaf ones, but they're great for cleaning bowls and loosening charred weed. 

5. A Lighter

Time to upgrade that dirty old BIC to something a little bit more ladylike. I absolutely love this blinged out lipstick lighter and can't wait to get one for my collection. 

6. Odor Free Stash Bag

Keep your weed discreet, fresh, and odor proof with a cute stash bag. Bonus point: Opening that bag will become your new favorite smell. ;)

7. A Wickedly Weed Friendly Top

Show off your stoner babe side in a great 420 top. Keep it simple with just a slogan like above or go all out and let that pot flag fly. 

9. Mug or Tumbler

If you're like me, you love Starbucks. If you're also like me, you love custom and cute cups. This wake n bake mug reping my corporate coffee slavery is a must have for other fans. 

10. Phone Case

Where better to show your 420 pride than on your phone? There are thousands of great designs and as always, custom creators! 

For more follow In High Places 420 on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

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Stoner Girl Must-Haves
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