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Cheech Wizard and Appalachia come together to create the magic that is called Sorcerer’s Apprentice. According to Bodhi Seeds, the breeder of this particular strain, it is predominately an indica leaning hybrid with heavy wands of crystalized nuggles to turn on the muggles. They go on to list the genetic breakdown as being Green Curry OG x Afgooey x Blockhead x Green Crack x Tres Dawg. They also note the name as Sorcerers, not Sorcerers Apprentice, though they do list the latter as an aka for the blend. Jet City Gardens pays homage to Fantasia with their usage of the moniker Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Harry Potter and his muggles be damned.

And here’s the kind of space monkey I am: when I come across a strain that I can smoke while enjoying whatever it has been named after, I like to oblige. When I came across a bag of Dark Side Of The Moon, I sparked it up while listening to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece. It was part of the experience. So coming across Sorcerer’s Apprentice I had good mind to fire up the old VCR and put in my copy of Fantasia. However I didn’t want to stare at a green blinking display of 12:00 while Bodhi Seeds had said they bred this girl for the muggles.

That means I really should watch some Harry Potter while smoking her down.

But alas, which Harry Potter do I watch?

Am I looking to be Harry Pothead and the Sorcerer Stoned?

Perhaps I can be Harry Pothead Chilling in the Bong-Chamber of Secrets?

It’s madness I say, pure madness!

Therefore I’ve chosen to forgo the film-show and let the smoke waft where it may.

So grab your wands, pick your mage, pack a bowl, and smoke up some seriously fantastic cannabis with me.

The wizards over at Jet City label their product as being ‘pure cured,’ a process by which cannabinoids and terpenes are sealed into the bud by releasing gases and other unwanted extras periodically. You get rid of things like magnesium, which can cause your weed to smoke a bit harshly. Growers need to have it going on if they’re going to produce top-quality product and Jet City Gardens nailed it.

This jar’s harvest date hails from last year

And yet it smokes nearly as smooth as the day it was cropped.

It’s because of the cure.

It makes a difference.

When done right, what you get is a chill square glass jar with two very large buds inside. I mean the packaging is top-notch and worth noting—but we don’t smoke the packaging. Like Bruce Lee said in Enter The Dragon, “Boards don’t hit back.” None the less, beautiful ladies for sure. Robust shades of green leaf saturated with reddish-orange pistils and white sugary crystals. Large, frosty, and colorful. Buds are coated with trichomes. Most are stalked with heads, though a good many do seem to be broken. Trichome colors are mostly clear with only some opaque.

There is a lovely, heavy pine aroma floating off the bud. That heaviness of pine rides an undercurrent of sage. She’s more noticeably piney after the grind and she packs nicely into the bowl. This flower is a tad dry. For sure, she’s got some age to her but properly cured weed, when kept air-tight and light-tight, can keep fresh for a year or longer. Typically cannabinoids begin to oxidize upon being exposed to air and light, so she was fine in the jar as far as air is concerned. But that jar is made of glass and light gets through that glass and further degrades the bud inside. So with Sorcerer’s Apprentice being so long in the tooth, but having had a proper process to cure, I’m expecting her to smoke fairly smooth and perform solidly, with only a little bit of diminished returns from having been on the store shelf and exposed to light for as long as she had.

And sure enough, she smokes smooth.

Pine with a robust mixture of earth, spice, and sage. Hits clean; the ash is light gray and powdery. Smoke feels full in the mouth and lungs.

There’s a pleasantly heavy hit to the head. Eye’s droop and glaze over with a frosty sedation as the body melts into the couch. Turning and burning the bowl reveals more sweet mustiness with hints of berry. Wonderfully relaxing, uplifted yet down-tempo and firmly planted.

I’m blown away on how smooth she smokes.

All the way to the bottom of the bowl, pure consistency.

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