Should I Smoke Weed Ever Again?

This is going to be an amusing story of my experience with weed, and why I may never smoke weed again.

Literally me

I would like to start off this article by filling you in on my first time ever smoking weed. I was 20 years old, never wanted anything to do with weed my whole life. I just really wanted to start living and experiencing things that normal people do. All of a sudden, things have changed. My mindset on everything was just to say screw it. I wanted to just flow with everyone and everything but obviously be discerning.

Starting my new job I met some pretty chill co-workers. They always seemed so calm and withdrawn from any drama. They were always able to move on to the next thing and work through any problem without being anxious of the outcome. 

Shortly after getting to know them more I understood why. They kept it on the down low around work. They would smoke weed on the regular. Once they learned I have never had smoked weed before they got very interested and excited. They wanted me to have this mystical experience with them. They hyped it up and made it out to be such a huge thing.

Next thing I know, I agree to get high with basically strangers. I never knew them on a deep level. I said screw it anyways.

To be honest with you, I can't be very descriptive of how everything was because it was quite bland. The effects were not that exciting to me. I felt really tired and just really in my own world. A great obvious tip is to have a huge amount of water with you. My throat was so sore and dry. I literally coughed up a lung. The only exciting bit was watching Lord of the Rings. It was truly amazing. The other amusing part was one of the girls started to bark at us. Everyone had the giggles except for me. I basically just sat there with my red dry droopy eyes staring. I think maybe I was even cracking a smile. I couldn't control my facial expressions.

So, after the first time I got high, I didn't really have a good sense of it still. I thought it was great to help calm and quiet the anxious mind. So here is where my perception of weed had changed. 

A few months had passed and I had made other friendships. They invited me over to smoke with them. I, of course never, turned it down. 

So this girl, let's call her Amy, lives in a basement suite. We knew that we couldn't possibly smoke in there. So we head outside. It's like 10 PM, very dark out already. There's a big pond with a trail by her place so we decided to just set up camp there. Right out in the open. Maybe a little hidden by a bush but barely. 

We start taking turns smoking. I don't feel anything. I kept trying to take deeper inhalations because I felt like I was getting nowhere. All of a sudden I start to feel kind of paranoid but was keeping my cool. Then this guy pops up. He was walking down the path. He kept coming closer to us. We were all paranoid of this guy. For no reason at all, we all collectively start laughing uncontrollably. Amy started yelling "Awe that's such a cute doggo."  Because of course, he has this big lab with him. I'm not sure what he said but something came out of his mouth. It was all just mumbo jumbo to me. We just continued to laugh. 

As the laughing subsided we decide to take the journey back home. This is where it messed me up the most. Everything looked like a cartoon. It looked like The Simpsons. I felt like I was the only one there. When we started to walk I would feel as though time was fast forwarding and I already made it to a certain spot when I never did. Then it would be really slow and backtrack me like I was rewinding. To say the least, it was a struggle for me to get back to Amy's place. Everything that they would say started to just speed up. I was hearing things about Adam and Eve and sins. It was a little shocking to hear those things just spouted out of Amy's mouth. When I felt or touched things it was like my hands were numb and even the roughest of things felt silky. It was just unbelievable.

When we got back to her place the other girl, let's call her Sarah, declares she's in need of food. I'm not sure why but I was not really into eating. So Amy and Sarah want to order food. You know you're really out of it when you can't even type pizza delivery into your phone. Amy was trying so hard just to get pizza into the search bar. Then it was my turn, she handed the phone to me. It was like I didn't have a concept of how far or close the phone was to my hands. It felt that typing anything was out of reach. 

When we finally get the number for delivery, Sarah takes the phone and tries to order food. I feel bad for the guy on the other end of the phone. Sarah just kept pausing and not really giving straight answers. It took way longer and a lot more patience than it should have.

So we get the delivery and Amy says "Why the heck did you order two large boxes of curly fries?" These boxes were huge and we had a large pizza as well. It was just so ridiculous. She over-ordered literally everything.

To end my night we play Nintendo 64 Super Mario Bros. That was probably the best event of the night I must say.

So after all of that, I'm not too sure I will smoke ever again. I felt so paranoid and I kept thinking what if I just stayed in this state of being forever. That's what frightened me the most. I felt I would never snap out of feeling the loss of control of myself.

And I guess that's the end of my weird story.

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