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Sessions: 'There Will Be No Legalized Marijuana Here'

Beauregard has made himself the moral compass for your soul.

Sessions will die and Marijuana will be more legal then than it is now

Do you know how much money the corporate drug dealers will lose on jail and prison bait once marijuana is no longer illegal?

Last May, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a co-pilot for a mentally incapable and slovenly "US-them" president who should be smoking medical marijuana so he can start sounding like he has some sense, sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to repeal the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment.

In case you haven't heard, the R-F Amendment protects legal marijuana businesses from federal prosecution in states that decriminalized its use. 

Sessions is trying to entice his ol' boy peers to help him go after legal medical-marijuana businesses in states where it is no longer against the law to sell or smoke it, mainly because he believes that the use of marijuana leads to "crime," (obligatory ROTFLMAO) and he also believes that cannabis is not medicinal. {See #OperationCannabis below}

According to Reuters, Sessions stated that he has never felt that we should legalize marijuana and that federal laws banning the sale of marijuana "remain in effect."

You have to see the hilarity in this time-wasting annoyance on the part of Sessions.

For someone who has a name, a background, and reputation that is synonymous with white-hot male anger over government overreach and is into heavy leanings regarding what is known as "states' rights," Sessions and his peer group don't seem to have an issue with big government and bucking the dearly beloved right of the states when it comes to making their personal opinions into fly-by-night laws.

Their obtuse efforts to reverse President Obama's initiatives are only going to be reversed back to what they were when these ancient relics are solidly out of the way once and for all. Of a certainty, the world is going to go on without him and his kind, so their hour in this matter is coming up short.

But the good news is that Sessions hasn't been able to get his constituents to agree on exactly how much money they want to budget to stop something from happening that can't be stopped.

Sessions' desire to crack down on legal weed operations has but one end game. After the literal green smoke clears, and he is dead and buried six feet by six feet in a grave underneath his own cherry-picked backhanded morality, legal weed will outlive him.

How do we know this?

Because the powers-that-be (the white drug dealers in suits and ties sitting in commercial offices pretending to be legitimate businessmen and women) are not about to give up this multi-billion-dollar industry just to make Jeff-Beau feel like he's used his piddly time left on Earth to accomplish something that he thinks is morally correct.

But I speak as one who is all for it, or one who smokes it myself, and have need to defend decriminalizing this alleged "gateway" drug.

On the contrary, I'm not for it. I am not with it. I don't smoke it. I never will. I think it sucks and stinks.

But I have not seen any evidence whatsoever that it is going anywhere or that there is an upside to the nation's economy to keep wasting time in court, spending unnecessary money on lawyers and judges and cops, and to keep spending all kinds of money on using the threat of going to jail as a deterrent for people to stop doing it. They won't. Period. And the U.S. of A. isn't going to stop pipelining it, either.

Beauregard, it can't happen.

Because of the little drug dealer on the streets who gets peeled off a modified grip that is nowhere near the take of the rich, white guy on the lake living in the big house that the dealer can't live in [even with a legitimate income], because the man making all of the money off his street drug deals doesn't want that kind of 'element' living next door to him.

Beauregard, it won't happen.

Because the federal government is better off MAKING money off the marijuana sales tax than spending money pretending to be concerned about it.

Beauregard, it ain't gonna happen.

Because no matter what you do today, tomorrow it can be reversed even if you make a law stating it can't be reversed.

Nobody died and made you God, Beauregard.

You cannot control what He will not control, Beauregard. You say marijuana is NOT medical, but you're not a doctor, and the doctors say otherwise. 

Not in this life, nor in the life to come, Beauregard, will you ever have a lasting impact on this medical marijuana legal/illegal tug of war, because you've already lost either way this goes.

Cannabis Operations

Beauregard Sessions Anatomically Correct Model


Newswriter/author/journalist advocate/lover of humanity/peacemaker-a quiet truth emanates from Shereen Renee like no other. Unbought, unbossed, and unabashed, she speaks volumes for the voiceless; she raises the decibels of the conscious.

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Sessions: 'There Will Be No Legalized Marijuana Here'
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