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Reasons You Should Start Using Cannabis Lube

Cannabis lube is a real thing—and it might be one of the best ways to improve your love life.

If there's one thing that legalizing medical marijuana has proven, it's that industries quickly tend to pick up on potential products that involve cannabis. The green boom has become so notable, it's actually made several states operate on a surplus. 

In states that legalized marijuana, cannabis has been finding its way into everything. The sex toy industry has even found ways to invest in cannabis by creating personal lubricant using it as a main ingredient. 

Not sure whether cannabis lube is a good idea? You might realize it's a great invention after reading up on the reasons why you should give it a try. 

Cannabis has a noted painkilling effect.

One of the most well-known benefits of medical marijuana is the fact that it helps alleviate pain. If you have a painful sexual condition like vaginismus, cannabis lube can help you alleviate pain and even get yourself to relax enough to enjoy having sex—after all, relaxing and using lube are two major ways to get over vaginismus, and cannabis lube can offer both. 

Of course, you don't need to have vaginismus to enjoy this perk. The pain-numbing effect can make it one of the best lubes for anal sex; really, anyone who enjoys it very rough will probably want to use lube to help alleviate the bruising down there. 

It won't make your parts reek of pot.

For some reason, there's this belief that cannabis lube will make your downstairs smell like pot—and let's face it, that's not really attractive. This is actually just a myth about lubricant made from weed. Truth be told, marijuana lube doesn't really smell at all. 

If the potential smell was what was dissuading you from trying it out, you now know there's nothing to fear there. 

Cannabis lube doesn't have that sticky, gel-like feel other personal lubricants do.

Weed lube isn't like most other kinds of personal lubricants. Typical lubes tend to have a sticky and gel-like texture that tends to dry up and make your hands feel kind of gross afterwards. 

Those who've used bad lubes in the past know how gross it can feel and probably swear by the best water-based lubes to avoid that grimy feeling lube gives when it dries. Thankfully, weed lube isn't like normal lube; it's more like an oil than anything else. 

Weed lube feels great and even moisturizes your skin after you're done having fun. 

If you're the type of person who gets horny while high, weed lube is a no-brainer.

A lot of people will tell you that having sex while high is a great experience. With some people, smoking a good joint is one of the best kinds of foreplay out there. It gets the blood flowing, and gets people randy as a result. 

Cannabis lube will do the same thing, and it does it a lot faster. The lube soaks through your skin, and since lube is used directly on your genitalia, you can imagine how intense it can get. 

That being said, weed lube will not get you high unless you use it for oral sex. So, if you're worried about it impairing your ability to be sober, don't worry. 

Weed lube definitely moistens down there.

Personal lubricant is always a good idea to use when you're trying to get lucky, but it's particularly crucial for people who tend to be dry down there. Cannabis lube offers a lot of moisture down there, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that it's even more effective than regular lube. 

If you like a lot of wetness in your romps, then getting a bottle of high-quality weed lube might be a good idea. And, let's face it, who doesn't like it nice and wet?

Some have also suggested that it offers more intense orgasms than typical lubes.

Though cannabis lube will not get you high, users who've tested it out have noted that it does have some really nice effects. According to folks who have given it a try, they experienced more intense orgasms both when they masturbated and had a partner. 

It's not totally certain what makes weed lube better for climax intensity. However, if it works, it works. We can't argue with that. 

Unlike other kinds of lube, cannabis lube is actually good for your skin.

Have you ever had a personal lubricant that just irritated your skin, dried it up, or turned your skin into a greasy mess? It can and does happen, particularly with oil-based lubes or silicone lubes. Weed lube doesn't do this, simply because of how good weed is for your skin. 

Seriously, cannabis and hemp are your skin's best friends— that's why they even make hemp lotions that everyone with dry skin should try. They are calming, non-comedogenic botanicals that actually will leave your skin feeling better than before. 

It works well with toys that aren't made of latex.

Do you have toys that don't work well with water-based lubes? If you do, then you already know how hard it is to find a good oil-based lubricant for them. Weed lubes are typically oil-based, which means that you finally will be able to lube things up the right way for once. 

Cannabis lube is natural.

For years, study after study has started to show that man-made chemicals we once thought were trustworthy ended up having some really ugly side effects. The more this trend continues, the more people want to keep things as natural as possible. 

Weed lube is made out of all-natural ingredients and botanical oils. It's as close to nature as you can get. Some brands are basically just cannabis oil added to other natural plant-based oils. As a result, it's probably safer than the petroleum jelly you've tried in the past. 

Because, why not?

We live in a world where we get to explore every corner of our sexuality—and that includes how we react to different things. Having a good sex life is easier than ever, and many women should take this opportunity to do what they can to get more enjoyment from it. 

Cannabis lube is here, and if you're curious about it, you might as well give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose? 

Not in a legal state?

Cannabis lube might not be legal everywhere, but hemp sure is. This hemp-based lube has a lot of the same effects, with a lot less illegality. Give it a try, and maybe one day, you'll be able to get cannabis lube too. 

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Reasons You Should Start Using Cannabis Lube
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